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On October 10th 2023, Aftonbladet reported the first names that we are likely to see in Melodifestivalen 2024!

With next year’s Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmö, Sweden, one of these artists will potentially represent their country on home ground next year…

Here’s more information on the artists who are rumoured….

Note: These names are not officially confirmed, and are simply “revealed” by Aftonbladet’s sources. The lineup for Melfest 2024 will be announced by SVT on December 1st 2023.

Lasse Stefanz

Dansband Lasse Stefanz formed all the way back in 1967 in Kristianstad, and is made up of members Olle Jönsson, Christer Ericsson, Jonas Rignell, Gunnar Nilsson, Anders Dahlgren, Henrik Svensson and Ola Olsson. The majority of their success came in the 80s, 90s and the 00s, achieving their first Number 1 album in 2007 – the first of a further 14 albums to reach the top spot (the most recent being ‘Evergreen’ in 2022). They’re known for hit singles such as ‘Oh, Julie’ and ‘De sista ljuva åren’, and for winning a Swedish Grammy in 1989 for ‘Dansband of The Year’.

You may also recognise them from Melodifestivalen 2011, where they participated with the song ‘En blick och nånting händer’, which came 5th in the heat.


LIAMOO looks set to return to Melodifestivalen for his fourth attempt at the trophy. In 2018, his entry ‘Last Breath’ placed 6th, and in 2020 his song with Hanna Ferm‘Hold You’ – came 3rd. We last saw him in 2022, when his song ‘Bluffin’ came in 4th place.

Liamoo (Liam Cacatian Thomassen) is from Lidköping, and started his career in 2016 when he auditioned for and won the twelfth season of Swedish Idol, releasing ‘Playing With Fire’ as his winners (and debut) single. He blends pop and rap in his music, and has achieved 4 top 10 singles in Sweden to date.

Smash Into Pieces

You’re likely to recognise Smash Into Pieces – they took part in Melodifestivalen 2023 with ‘Six Feet Under’, coming 3rd.

The group is from Örebro, and is made up of singer Chris Adam, guitarists Per Bergquist and Benjamin Jennebo, and a drummer known only as “The Apocalypse DJ”. They formed in 2008, signing their first record deal in 2013 before having their breakthrough with the album ‘Rise And Shine’ in 2017. Their music combines rock, pop and electronic, which they call “SmashSound”.

With Smash Into Pieces coming close to winning in 2023, could they go all the way in 2024? We’ll have to wait and see…


Melfest fan favourite Dotter may be in next year’s lineup – making it her 4th entry into the contest. Her debut in the contest came in 2018, with ‘Cry’ – which didn’t make it out of the semi finals. However, her return in 2020 saw her become a favourite to win with ‘Bulletproof’ – losing by just 1 point to ‘Move’ by The Mamas. She returned in 2021 with ‘Little Tot’ once again becoming a favourite to represent Sweden in Rotterdam, (or ‘Dotterdam’ – a phrase coined by fans who were supporting her), coming in 4th place overall.

Dotter – real name Johanna Jansson – is from Arvika, and chose the stage name “Dotter” (Swedish for ‘Daughter’) as she considers herself the ‘daughter of Mother Earth’ due to her lifestyle. She started her career in 2014, and is influenced by artists such as First Aid Kit and Florence & The Machine. Dotter’s Melodifestivalen and Eurovision involvement doesn’t stop at her own entries – she wrote ‘A Million Years’ for Mariette in 2017, and ‘Victorious’ for Lina Hedlund in 2019. She’s also a credited backing vocalist for ‘I Am What I Am’ – Malta’s 2022 Eurovision entry by Emma Muscat.

Samir & Viktor

Long-time Melfest fans are likely to know Samir & Viktor – the duo have taken part 3 times before, in 2015 (‘Groupie‘, 8th place), 2016 (‘Bada Nakna‘, 12th place) and in 2018 (‘Shuffla‘ 4th place). Now, according to Aftonbladet’s sources, they’re set to return to the contest with hopes of representing Sweden at Eurovision next May.

The duo is made up of Samir Badran and Viktor Frisk, and debuted in 2014 with ‘Success‘, which reached #3 in the Sverigetopplistan. They’ve had further hits, including ‘Fick Feeling‘ and ‘Put You Hands Up för Sverige‘. In 2020, they announced they were taking a hiatus to explore their own interests, with ‘Arbetslös‘ serving as their final single.

However, in June 2023, Viktor announced they were making a comeback, releasing the song ‘Skål‘ later that month. Now, it seems as though they could be setting their sites on Melodifestivalen 2024. Could this be Samir & Viktor’s year?

Lisa Ajax

Lisa Ajax is yet another name set to return in 2024, last competing in 2022. She’s had varying degrees of success in the contest, competing four times previously, with her debut in 2016 still remaining her best placement (7th place, ‘My Heart Wants Me Dead‘). In 2017 (‘I Don’t Give A’) and 2019 (‘Torn’), she came 9th, and in 2022 her Swedish-language duet ‘Tror du att jag bryr mig‘ with Niello didn’t make it past Heat 2. She has also competed in Lilla Melodifestivalen, entering the song ‘Allt som jag har’ in 2012.

Lisa is from Järfälla and became widely known to the Swedish public in 2014 after winning Idol. Her music consists of both Swedish and English-language pop songs. Aside from singing, in 2022, she came 7th in Sweden’s version of Let’s Dance.

Cazzi Opeia

Cazzi Opeia is another name reported by Aftonbladet as someone who could be a contestant in next year’s Melfest – her second time entering as an artist after coming 9th in 2022 with ‘I Can’t Get Enough’.

Cazzi Opeia (Moa Anna Maria Carlebecker) is from Jönköping County and takes her stage name from the star constellation Cassiopeia. She was a semi-finalist on Idol 2009, and released her first single ‘I Belong To You’ in 2010. Aside from her own music, she’s become a prominent songwriter, known mainly as the name behind several KPOP songs by artists such as Red Velvet, Twice, NCT Dream, The Boyz, LOONA and SHINee. To Eurovision fans, she’ll be known as the writer behind American Song Contest winner ‘Wonderland‘ by AleXa and Melodifestivalen and Eurovision 2023 winner ‘Tattoo‘ by Loreen.


Drag Queen Elecktra is the first name to be reported this year who hasn’t taken part in Melodifestivalen previously. Fans of Drag Race may recognise her from the first season of the Swedish franchise of the show, where she placed 4th.

Elecktra (Robin Werner) is from the former Stora Hammar Parish in the Diocese of Lund and started performing in 2005. She helped to form the award-winning Cabaret Moulin, the biggest drag show in Malmö, and starred in After Dark’s production ‘This Is It’ in 2016. She’s signed to Universal Music and has released two singles so far in 2023.

Adam Woods

Adam Woods made his debut in Melodifestivalen 2023, alongside Arc North and four-time Melfest entrant Jon Henrik Fjällgren, as the lead singer on the song ‘Where You Are (Sávežan)’. The trio made it all the way to the final, placing fourth overall. Now, Aftonbladet has reported that Adam is set to return to the contest in 2024.

Adam Woods (Adam Allskog) grew up in Vaxholm & Täby, outside of Stockholm. He’s a talented classical pianist, and has released covers and original songs on Spotify. He’s a frequent collaborator with DJ’s, with one of his most recent singles ‘Moonlight‘, alongside electronic producer and artist Lucas Estrada, racking up 5 million streams on Spotify to date.

Clara Klingenström

Clara Klingenström became a fan favourite throughout her time in Melodifestivalen 2021 with ‘Behöver inte dig idag‘, going to the final over the now-iconic ‘Rena Rama Ding Dong’ by Eva Rydberg and Ewa Roos in the then-named ‘andra chansen’ round of the contest, placing 5th overall – the highest ranking Swedish entry that year, and just one of three Swedish-language entries in the 2021 final.

Clara is from Visby, and has been making music since 2010, competing in the ‘Web Wildcard Contest’ of Melodifestivalen 2011 with ‘Mr Lonely Man‘, making it to the Top 100. She won the Gotland region’s final of Musik Direkt in 2012, and the ‘Breakthrough Of The Year’ award at Rockbjörnen 2021.

Marcus & Martinus

Marcus & Martinus could be back for Melodifestivalen 2024, after a successful run on their debut in 2023. Going in, they were one of the favourite’s to win the entire contest, eventually placing 2nd to ‘Tattoo‘ by Loreen, with their song ‘Air‘ recieving 138 points overall.

One of the most-well-known names reported so far, Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen are twins from Trofors in Norway. They rose to fame in their homeland at just 10 years of age, after winning MGPjr with the song ‘To dråper vann’, which peaked at #8 on the Norwegian charts. They continued with their music career, returning to the radar of the Norwegian public in 2015 as teen sensations – their debut album ‘Hei’ went to number 1, and featured the hit single ‘Elektrisk’ – which charted at #3 in Norway and #8 in Sweden. Their second album ‘Together’ went to #1 in Norway and Sweden, and to #6 in Finland.

Kim Cesarion

The second name to be rumoured for 2024 without a previous Melfest particpation, Kim Cesarion is a soul/R&B singer from Stockholm.

He started his career in 2011, becoming known in 2013 for his single ‘Undressed‘, which reached the Top 10 in the charts in Sweden, Australia and Denmark. His album of the same title reached #13 in Sweden. He has since released the EP ‘Bleed‘, along with singles ‘Water‘ and ‘Honest‘.


Medina made their return to music after a 4 year break at Melodifestivalen 2022, with their anthemic song ‘In I Dimman’ placing 3rd overall – the highest placing Swedish-Language song that year. They were also the writers behind Bluffin by LIAMOO.

The duo is made up of Sam-E (Sami Rekik) and Alibi (Ali Jammali), and was formed all the way back in 2003 after the pair met in Knivsta whilst promoting a genre known as ‘Haffla music’, where rhythms from the Arab world are mixed with Hip Hop. After releasing multiple albums, singles and mixtapes, their mainstream success came in 2013, where their single ‘Miss Decibel‘ reached #2 on the Swedish charts. They went on a break in 2018, with Sami taking part in Melfest 2021 alongside WAHL with ’90-Talet’.

Maria Sur

Maria Sur was one of the favourites in Melfest 2023, with her powerful ballad ‘Never Give Up’ at one point being the favourite to win the entire contest. In the final, it placed 9th – a respectable result for an artist entering for the first time.

Maria is originally from Запоріжжя (Zaporizhzhia) in Ukraine, and fled to Sweden with her mother to live with her aunt after the on-going Russian invasion began. At the time, she was taking part in The Voice Ukraine.

She caught the attention of Sarah Dawn Finer after moving to Sweden, who recommended that she should perform at the Hela Sverige Skramlar gala. She sang ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child, and was soon signed to a Swedish label. Maria studies at a music school in Stockholm, and outside of Melfest has released singles ‘That’s The Way’ and ‘Partner In Crime’.

Gunilla Persson

Swedish former model and reality TV personality Gunilla Persson is set to make her debut in Melodifestivalen next year, with Aftonbladet reporting she’ll focus her song on her persona, ‘The Gunilla’.

For international fans, the name ‘Gunilla Persson’ may not be known, but to Swedish audiences, she’s a well-known figure, recognised most for starring in TV3’s Svenska Hollywoodfruar, as well as hosting her own TV shows Gunilla tycker till and The Gunilla Show. In 2015, she recorded a song with rapper Dogge Doggelito. As per Aftonbladet, many have found it hard to believe Gunilla will in fact be part of next years lineup, but according to their sources, we should expect to see her in the contest next year. All eyes will be on the artist announcement on December 1st to see if she’ll really be one of this years contestants.

Fröken Snusk

Another rumoured artist for Melodifestivalen 2024 is Fröken Snusk, a mysterious artist who performs wearing a pink balaclava. Not much is known about her identity (which she chooses to keep secret), but despite this she has built a solid fanbase since her breakthrough in 2022, with nearly 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and 65 million streams on her viral song ‘RID MIG SOM EN DALAHÄST‘. She frequently collaborates with singer, songwriter and producer Rasmus Gozzi, and whilst sources suggest that Fröken Snusk will be alone on stage, he is likely to be involved in some way with her song.

Her music falls into the Epadunk genre – an electronic style associated wth EPA tractors and A-tractors in Sweden, which has become increasingly popular since the beginning of the 2020s.

Jay Smith

Idol 2010 winner Jay Smith is likely to be in this years lineup. He’s from Helsingborg, and primarily makes rock and country music. His self-titled album shot straight to number one, and was subsequently followed with two further albums, released in 2013 and 2019.

His sister, Maria Smith, is one half of the popular music duo Smith & Thell, and whilst unconfirmed, Aftonbladet sources have suggested it could be possible that she has had involvment in writing his song for 2024.


Scarlet are a hard rock/metal duo formed in 2018 by members simply known as ‘Scarlet’ and ‘Thirsty’. They released their debut album ‘Obey The Queen’ in 2020, which recived positive reviews from critics. They have also toured with Smash Into Pieces.

Known for their impressive makeup resembling skull’s, their entry is said to be something ‘never seen or heard before’ in Melodifestivalen.

Jacqline Moss

Jacqline Moss became know to Swedish audiences in 2021 after coming 2nd in Idol. She’s from Järna, and has been focusing on her music career ever since she turned 16. So far, she’s released two singles – ‘Do It Better‘ and ‘Question My Love‘.

Albin Tingwall

Like Jacqline, Albin Tingwall also came runner-up in Idol (in 2022), and has been releasing a string of pop songs ever since. He’s from Sigtuna, and at just 20 years old he’ s one of the youngest contestants rumoured so far!

Dear Sara

Dear Sara is the stage name of Sara Nutti, who was a contestant in Sweden’s version of ‘The X Factor’ in 2012. She comes from Karesuando, located in the province of Lapland, and writes her music in Swedish, English and Sami. She now lives in Stockholm, and looks set to be one of next years contestants in Melodifestivalen.

Chelsea Muco

Chelsea Muco is an R&B singer from Burundi, who’s music focus’ on self discovery, loss and love. Her music takes a more contemporary route, whilst also keeping R&B at its core, giving her a distinctive sound that’s sure to stand out in a contest like Melodifestivalen.

She has won the talent contest ‘Nästa Nivå’, and has appeared on P3’s Gold Gala.


C-Joe has been making music since 2017, and is now allegedly part of the lineup for Melodifestivalen 2024.

Charles Koroma, who goes by C-Joe, is from Gävle, and makes music that falls into the categories of rap, afrobeats and occasionally hip-hop. He’s released singles such as ‘Kan du lyssna på mig’ and ‘No Other Girl’.

Elisa Lindström

Elisa Lindström is a country/pop singer, who will be known to Melfest viewers for her particpations in 2014 (‘Casanova‘) and 2021 (‘Den du är‘). She also particpated in Lilla Melodifestivalen 2005 with ‘Du får ta mitt hjärta’ as part of music group Lali.

Elisa is from Töreboda, and is currently one of the main cast members in ‘De’ e’ det här vi kallar kärlek‘, a musical based on the life of Lasse Holm. She’s also the lead singer of the Dansband, Elisa’s.

Danny Saucedo

One of, if not the most recognsiable name in this years contest, Danny Saucedo is set to take part for the fifth time in Melodifestivalen 2024.

Danny is one of the most successful contestants to have competed in Melfest of recent times, being one of the only artists (along with Eric Saade, Mariette, Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Robin Bengtsson) to go directly to the final on his first four attempts. His Melodifestivalen results go as follows…

  • 2009: ‘Baby Goodbye’ (with E.M.D) – 3rd Place
  • 2011: ‘In The Club’ – 2nd Place
  • 2012: ‘Amazing’ – 2nd Place
  • 2023: ‘Dandi Dansa’ – 7th Place

Born and raised in Stockholm, Danny first gained public attention after taking part in Idol 2006, joining forces with his fellow contestants Erik Segerstedt Mattias Andréasson to form the group E.M.D in 2007, which lasted until 2011. As a soloist, all 5 of his albums have reached the top 3 of the Swedish charts (two going to #1), with three #1 singles and ten singles that have reached the top #10 in the charts.

According to Aftonbladet sources, Danny has collaborated with Michel Zitron on his entry, who’s famous for working with DJ’s Avicii, Alesso, Afrojack and Martin Garrix, and was the writer behind the 2012 worldwide hit single ‘Don’t You Worry Child‘ by Swedish House Mafia. Could this finally be the year we see Danny Saucedo in Eurovision?

Lia Larsson

22 year old TikTok and YouTube star Lia Larsson is from Mora, and looks set to make her debut in Melodifestivalen 2024. Her music falls into the epa-dunk genre, and has been streamed over 30 million times on Spotify.


William Schenberg, better known by his stage name Klaudy, is from Gothenberg, and will be known to Swedish audiences due to his partcipation in ‘Songland’. Klaudy grew up surrounded by musical influences, including his music teacher uncle and grandfather, as well as being in a band and choir at his church.

Annika Wickihalder

Örnsköldsvik native Annika Wickihalder is yet another Idol contestant looking to be in the 2024 Melfest lineup. She came 3rd in Idol 2021, and has since released the single ‘Speed Of Sound’, and EP ‘Hollow‘.

Melina Borglowe

25 year-old singer/songwriter Melina Borglowe has been making music since 2014, and has recently signed with record company TEN Music. She released an EP, ‘Puss kram hej’, in October, and makes music both in Swedish and English.

Natalie Carrion

Natalie Carrion is from Umeå, and despite not competing in the main Melodifestivalen before, in 2022 she did take part in Melodifestivalen Sámi Grand Prix, commentating on the event this year. She’s been making music since the age of 16, with her 2022 single ‘Daelviejïjje‘ gaining radio success in Sweden.

All rumoured names are provided by sources to Aftonbladet. You can keep up with all of their reports on the contest by visiting their dedicated Melodifestivalen section.

The 2024 Melodifestivalen lineup will be revealed on December 1st 2023.

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