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On Tuesday 24th October, Greece became the third country to announce their artist for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, which will take place in Malmö, Sweden.

It was revealed by Greek broadcaster ERT, on the daytime TV show Studio 4, that Marina Satti will be representing them. Read on to learn more about her.

Who is Marina Satti?

Marina Satti was born in 1986 in Athens, Greece to a Sudanese Arab father and a Greek mother before being raised in Heraklion, Crete. She began taking piano and singing lessons from an early age. Initially enrolling at the National Technical University of Athens to study architecture, she quickly dropped this line of study to pursue her love of music. To date, she has earned two music degrees and has studied jazz at a range of institutions, including the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Outside of music, Marina has also worked as an actress and musical score composer with a number of theatre companies, including the National Theatre of Greece and the Greek National Opera.

Music Career

Marina had previously released the two singles ‘Ena Kalokairi’ (‘A Summer’) and ‘Argosvineis moni’ (‘You Fade Away Alone’) in 2012 and 2013. However, it was her 2016 single ‘Koupes’ (‘Cups’) that captured people’s attention. The video features an laid-back performance with acoustic instruments and intricate, layered harmonies and to date has received around 27 million views on YouTube. You can watch the performance of ‘Koupes’ below:

In this same year, Marina also formed the female acapella group fonés (‘voices’), a 150-member group who performed concerts at a number of venues, bringing traditional music to 21st century audiences. Speaking of her love for traditional music to the publication Nothing But Hope and Passion (NBHAP) in 2022, Marina said:

Traditional music is centered on the vocals. That is the first instrument that the people had. In every part of the world, you have this tradition of polyphonic and a Capella musicThere is something about the vibrations that you can just feel. It is amazing to sing with other people.

Marina Satti, NBHAP, May 2022

Marina went on to release a number of singles, including the 2017 single ‘Mantissa’ (‘Fortune Teller’) which entered the European Union’s Top 100 charts and Bulgaria’s Top 40. To date, it is her best performing single, with over 54 million views on YouTube. Watch it below:

Marina also continued to bring her modern take on traditional music to a number of stages, including with the female choir chόres (which is a word in between ‘countries’ and ‘choruses’ in Greek), who performed traditional songs from all over the world at the archaeological site of Mystras, Greece in 2020. Marina has said she would like these women by her side at Eurovision, if not onstage then at least backstage due to the contest’s rule of only having six people onstage at a time.

2022 saw the release of Marina’s debut album ‘YENNA’ (meaning ‘Birth’) to great critical and commercial acclaim, with Marina also touring for four months to promote the album. Marina travelled all over Greece to make the album, also drawing influences from the Balkans, Near East, her time studying in America and her experiences as a dual heritage woman. Speaking to NBHAP about the making of the record, Marina said:

It has not only been a musical journey, but a personal one. Part of what drove the record was stepping out of my comfort zone, musically and personally.

Marina Satti, NBHAP, May 2022

Marina’s July 2023 single ‘TUCUTUM’ showcases her ability to blend traditional and modern elements into something catchy and memorable. You can listen to it below:

Eurovision 2024

In Eurovision, Greece tend to internally select their representatives. Last year, ERT chose Victor Vernicos to represent Greece in with the song ‘What They Say’. Unfortunately, Greece failed to qualify for the Grand Final in Liverpool so they will be hoping Marina can put them back on the map.

In their announcement of Marina’s participation, ERT initially revealed they did not yet have a song and wanted the process of selecting one to be as open as possible:

From tomorrow, October 25 2024 until December 1 2023 composers can send their own songs and proposals for Marina via the following email address: . It is reminded that, based on EBU regulations, the songs must be original and unreleased, with a maximum time of 3 minutes.

ERT Press Release, 24th October, 2023

On Wednesday 7th March, Marina debuted her Eurovision entry ‘Zari’ which translates to ‘Dice’ in English. It was written by the artist herself alongside eight other songwriters. The song will certainly please Marina Satti fans, incorporating the sound they know and love, which is a blend of modern beats and traditional Greek elements. This was a deliberate move by Marina and is also reflected in the song’s music video, which was filmed in Athens. Speaking to Wiwibloggs about her vision for the song, Marina said:

I know that people know these stereotypes about Greece — the beautiful islands, the sea, the ancient monuments, the feta. But for me my dream would be to bring out the new Greece of today. The urban culture, obviously, because we all grew up in the city and being inspired by the pop culture and the rap culture. For me, this is what I ideally want to achieve. And to go hard and do it in a way that’s relevant and competitive.

Marina Satti on ‘Zari’, Wiwibloggs

Marina will perform in the first half of the second semi-final on Thursday 9th May. We wish Greece and Marina Satti the best of luck at Eurovision 2024!

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