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ESC250 is a huge part of a Eurovision fans calendar, giving people the chance to vote for their all time favourite Eurovision songs using the 12-1 point system that we see in the main contest itself. It sets social media alight with discussion every year, and all eyes are on Loreen once again to see if she can take the #1 spot for the 11th year with ‘Euphoria’.

The Phoenix team have voted, so here’s who we gave our 12 points to this year.


12 Points – ‘1944’ by Jamala (Ukraine 🇺🇦 2016)

Why ‘1944’? I’ve loved this song ever since I saw it live at Stockholm in the Second Semi. I can still feel the emotions and message of this song whenever I hear it being played and unfortunately it is still very relevant with what is currently happening. Douze Points to my all time personal favourite song 💙💛


12 Points – ‘Space Man’ by Sam Ryder (United Kingdom 🇬🇧 2022)

Why ‘Space Man’? Only ‘Space Man’ would take my 12 points this year – this is everything I have ever wanted from the UK, a great, modern song elevated by an immense live performance. The impact Sam Ryder has had on the UK in regards to Eurovision is immeasurable, he made the contest something to be respected again. There are also not enough words to describe his performance in the final – it was a moment, and as a British Eurofan, the feeling of seeing that live after so many years of us not doing too well was so overwhelming. I’m hoping ‘Space Man’ can replicate its Eurovision success in ESC250 this year!


12 Points – ‘Universo’ by Blas Cantó (Spain 🇪🇸 2020)

Why ‘Universo’? There’s a few ESC songs that I consider special, and ‘Universo’ is one of them. Listening to ‘Universo’ never fails to make me nostalgic, and also a little bit emotional. Despite 2020 being a strange year, ‘Universo’ was the soundtrack throughout it, so will always hold a special place in my heart, which was why it was the perfect fit for my 12 points this year.


12 Points – ‘Amar Pelos Dois’ by Salvador Sobral (Portugal 🇵🇹 2017)

Why ‘Amar Pelos Dois?’ This song is so special and magical. For me it will never lose its charm. It’s a musical masterclass in three minutes and has had so much legacy and impact to the contest since it’s win. Vamos Portugal!


12 Points – ‘I Feed You My Love’ by Margaret Berger (Norway 🇳🇴 2013)

Why ‘I Feed You My Love?’ I agonise over my ESC250 rankings every year but one song that I’ll never struggle placing is ‘I Feed You My Love’. It’s my favourite Eurovision entry of all time and I still remain convinced that, with the right staging, it could have dominated a later year.


12 Points – ‘Fuego’ by Eleni Foureira (Cyprus 🇨🇾 2018)

Why ‘Fuego’? ‘Fuego’ to this day is still my favourite Eurovision song ever, it’s pure pop perfection. Her performance in Lisbon was incredible and is still talked about today. She was also the first Eurovision artist I was lucky enough to see live in Cyprus, so the song has a special place in my heart.


12 Points – ‘Euphoria’ by Loreen (Sweden 🇸🇪 2012)

Why ‘Euphoria’? I say every year ‘Euphoria’ should only be overtaken by a song that genuinely deserves it, and for me honestly, it has yet to be topped. It’s on a completely different level to anything else as a whole package in my opinion, and I don’t think a song should overtake just for the sake of it. Rather, I hope when that happens one year, something has actually matched or surpassed what happened ten years ago. As of now, ‘Euphoria’ still deserves to occupy the top spot.

Alice & Liz

12 Points – ‘Cool Vibes’ by Vanilla Ninja (Switzerland 🇨🇭 2005)

Why ‘Cool Vibes?’ Alice – I don’t think I’ll ever not give this song my 12 points! 2005 was the year I fell in love with Eurovision and with Vanilla Ninja – I was obsessed with the song, the pop rock vibes, their outfits, everything! This song and this band mean so much to me; they were the soundtrack of my school years, even convincing my parents to take my sister and I to Tallinn so I could visit Vanilla Ninja’s homeland. ‘Cool Vibes’ will always hold a special place in my heart and so for that reason it will always be my number one in ESC250.

Liz – It’s my music taste perfectly wrapped up in one Eurovision song. Mid-2000s female rock made me the woman I am today and this song definitely played a role in that! Also who doesn’t love a song called ‘Cool Vibes’? It’s a vibe!!


12 Points – ‘Love Injected’ by Aminata (Latvia 🇱🇻 2015)

Why ‘Love Injected? ‘Love Injected’ is my favourite Eurovision performance of all time, one of the most unique and refreshing things ever brought to the contest in my opinion. Aminata’s vocals, writing and production make this electronic ballad something that still feels ahead of its time, even over 7 years later.

In addition, I must give a shout-out to my 10 points, my favourite of 2022 – ‘Sentimentai’ by Monika Liu. I adore the jazzy but electronic instrumental, and then Monika herself just oozes charisma. I’m hoping this is the start of Lithuania’s golden era!


12 Points – ‘Sentimentai’ by Monika Liu (Lithuania 🇱🇹 2022)

Why ‘Sentimentai?’ It was more a personal choice, but I have really admired how ‘Sentimentai’ rose from a song that people thought would not qualify because it was not like songs that “should” be on Eurovision, and instead churning up some absolute crazy fans of this song (such as myself), and gathering support to both qualify to the final, and also receiving 93 points from the televote (which is generally a generous amount), and coming 14th place in the final – DESPITE her being dead last in the betting odds just before the Grand Final going to air. She has defied expectations – which Lithuania has done in years past – but no more than Monika Liu.


12 points – ‘Zitti e Buoni’ by Måneskin (Italy 🇮🇹 2021)

I can never listen to this song just once. From the opening riff to the closing guitar licks, this song is rock’n’roll perfection from start to finish. The bands chemistry with each other make the seemingly simple staging come alive, and I’m pulled in every time I rewatch… which is often!

I also can’t not give Måneskin credit for what they have done for the contest’s reputation both across Europe and internationally. Eurovision ruins careers? Not anymore!

Ultimately though, this has swagger, sex and style. What more could you ask for?

Who got your 12 points in #ESC250 this year? Let us know in the comments below!

The countdown will be streamed live on ESC Radio on December 31st 2022 (beginning at 10am GMT // 11am CET).

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