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Image credit: VRT

After seven years of internal selections, Belgium will return to using a national final to choose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Due to the split of linguistics in the country, the main French (RTBF) and Flemish (VRT) broadcasters take turns on alternate years to select an Eurovision song and artist for Belgium. This year it’s the turn of VRT who will be hosting the national final titled ‘Eurosong’ on Saturday 14th January 2023. The national final contains fourteen songs submitted by seven artists, meaning each artist has submitted two songs each, and will use a split between a televote and jury vote to decide the winner. VRT have announced some of the names included in the jury – previous Belgian representatives Laura Tesoro and Jérémie Makiese, Eurovision 2009 winner Alexander Rybak and Eurovision 2021 host NikkieTutorials – some big Eurovision alumni names!

Belgium have qualified to the Eurovision final in both 2021 and 2022, so can they make it three years in a row? Let’s take a look at the Eurosong hopefuls looking to represent their country in Liverpool!

The Starlings – ‘Oceanside’ and ‘Rollercoaster

The Starlings are made up of husband and wife duo Kato Callebaut and Tom Dice – a name that’s no stranger to Eurovision fans. Tom Dice represented Belgium in the 2010 contest with ‘Me and My Guitar’ placing sixth overall.

Oceanside showcases their strong harmonies over an upbeat acoustic guitar, whilst their chemistry really shines through during Rollercoaster as the preview clip shows them performing facing together. With Tom Dice’s previous Eurovision credentials, they’ll be ones to watch in this national selection.

Image credit: VRT

Loredana ‘I dream in colours’ and ‘You lift me up’

Loredana has previously participated in Eurosong where she made the semi final of the 2014 edition as part of the duo 2 Fabiola. After placing second in Belgium’s edition of ‘The Masked Singer’, Loredana continues to kick off her solo career with the chance to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2023.

I dream in colours and You lift me up fit into the pop-dance genre. Both songs highlight Loredana’s strong vocal, with the latter more of an upbeat number. Can Loredana go one better than 2014? We’re excited to find out!

Image credit: VRT

Gustaph – ‘Because of you’ and ‘The nail

Gustaph also brings an impressive Eurovision CV – he was a backing singer for Belgium’s entries in 2018 (A Matter of Time – Sennek) and 2021 (The Wrong Place – Hooverphonic). Now, he’s ready to be centre stage and represent Belgium in his own right at Eurovision!

Gustaph is a fantastic performer with his own distinct style. Because of you is an upbeat pop song whilst The nail is slightly more darker but still uptempo. He’s here to bring the party to Eurosong 2023 and we can’t wait to see the full performances!

Image credit: VRT

Hunter Falls – ‘Home’ and ‘Ooh la la’

Singer-songwriter Hunter Falls hails from Kurdish descent and participated in the 2013 edition of The Voice van Vlaanderen. He states that he has a ‘multi-cultural approach to music’ which helps him tell his stories through his songwriting.

Hunter Falls has a great voice which shines through in both songs; Home is a pop number whilst Ooh la la has a disco influence to get you up and dancing! We’re sure he’ll deliver a brilliant performance at Eurosong, but will he be heading to Liverpool?

Image credit: VRT

Ameerah – ‘Armageddon‘ and ‘The carnival

Ameerah, real name Astrid Roelants, has already participated in Eurosong where she made the final in 2004. After moving to the US to develop her music career, she’s returned to Eurosong to hopefully represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023; a dream she’s had since she was a child.

Ameerah brings a pop-rock vibe in both of her songs; you can definitely hear in the American influence especially in The carnival. Armageddon includes a stripped back vocal moment which brings a dynamic edge; it looks like she’s having the time of her life on stage, too. We’re really excited to hear the full versions of both Ameerah’s songs!

Image credit: VRT

Chérine – ‘ca m’ennuie pas’ and ‘mon étoile

Like fellow Eurosong 2023 contestant Hunter Falls, Chérine also participated in The Voice van Vlaanderen as most recently as 2022. Chérine is the only Eurosong artist who isn’t singing in English as she presents two songs in French in her bid to represent Belgium in Liverpool.

Chérine is a charming, endearing performer; Ca m’ennuie pas is an uptempo, pop number with an 80s-influence which you just feel was made for her to sing, whilst mon étoile is a ballad that shows off her vocal. Chérine has cemented herself as a Eurofan favourite in recent weeks using social media to interact with the fandom, but will she be the favourite of the Belgian public and jury? We’ll have to wait until 14th January to find out!

Image credit: VRT

gala dragot – ‘emotion Ollie’ and ‘t’inquiète

At just 17 years old, gala dragot is the youngest contestant of Eurosong 2023. Two year ago she was the winner of ‘The Voice Kids’ in Belgium, and is starting to make a name for herself with her own distinct style of music.

VRT described the songs with ‘If Billie Eilish hears this, she will be jealous’ and we couldn’t agree more! Try not to listen to emotion Ollie without getting goosebumps, whilst t’inquiète is equally as mysterious and captivating. Could gala dragot be the dark horse in the Eurosong 2023 competition? We’re really looking forward to her performances!

Image credit: VRT

Who is your favourite from the Eurosong 2023 national final? Who do you think will be heading to Liverpool? Click here to listen to the snippets of the songs on VRT’s website and let us know.

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