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Saturday 27th January will see eight more artists compete for the chance to represent Lithuania at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. Here are the four acts who have qualified for the grand final of Eurovizija.LT so far:

  • Silvester Belt – Luktelk
  • VB Gang – Kaboom!!!
  • Aistè – We Will Rule the World
  • Žalvarinis – Gaudė vėjai

In addition to tonight’s hopefuls, Ieva Narkutė will perform as tonight’s interval act. She is a well-known Lithuanian musician who has served on the jury of all three heats so far and also served on the Lithuanian jury at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. She, along with the rest of the jury, will have 50% of the say in who qualifies from tonight’s heat alongside 50% being decided by televote. Read on to learn more about the artists competing tonight!

Anžela – Paskubėk

Anžela Adamovič-Gečienė, who performs under the name Anžela, is a Lithuanian singer and celebrity who became known when she completed in the 2014 series of the Lithuanian X Factor. She placed second with the winner being Žygymantas Gečas, who would go on to become her husband. The pair took a break from music for some time due to the birth of their child and to focus on the clothing store they run together.

Now Anžela is back with the rock song ‘Paskubėk’ (‘Hurry Up’). Speaking to Lithuanian publication Žmonės, she said:

I have been thinking about these words to not wait and do now for the last few years. But I actually started using them after an accident last year, which gave me such a strong kick in the buttock that just that philosophy “do it now, because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow” became the cornerstone guiding not only in this work, but also in life.

Anžela, Žmonė

We’re sure Anžela is hoping Saturday night will hurry up but will she go through to the final? Only time will tell!

Sid Hallow – Here We Go Again

Sid Hallow may only be 19-years-old but he has been singing and playing the piano since he was a child. He recently appeared in the Lithuanian edition of The Voice using his real name Sidas Gvozdiovas, where he placed as a runner up.

Sid will be performing the song ‘Here We Go Again’, which he told Žmonės is about:

the depression that pretends to be my friend and is always there for me. The song may seem a bit sad, but that sadness is bright, because depression can be overcome

Sid Hallow, Žmonė

Could this deeply personal song resonate with jurors and televoters alike?

MeidĖ – Zoo

Meidė Šlamaitė, who performs under the name MeidĖ, is best-known for having won the 2021 series of The Voice where she was mentored by Lithuanian singer and X Factor winner Moniqué. She has since gone on to release a number of singles with perhaps her most successful being ‘CHAOSO RŪMAI‘ which has accumulated over 560,000 streams on Spotify since its 2022 release and features her frequent collaborator Bäsello.

MeidĖ will be performing her song ‘Zoo‘ which features the singer’s dreamy vocals over a dance beat. Could this do well?

Pluie de Comètes – Be Careful

Pluie de Comètes are a new duo consisting of Justė Kraujelytė and Saulius Sakavičius. Eurofans may recognise Justė from last year’s national final, as she competed with the song ‘Need More Fun‘ which placed 8th in the final.

The duo will be performing their song ‘Be Careful‘ which is a jazz-inspired song with a warm, mellow vibe. You can listen to it below:

Sun Francisco – Trauka (Svaigsta galva)

Another duo participating tonight are married couple Giedrė Ivanova and Maksimas Ivanovas, who make up the alt-pop outfit Sun Francisco. The pair first started making music together in 2018. They may already be familiar to eurofans due to their appearance in the 2022 Lithuanian national final, where they narrowly missed out on a spot in the semis with their song ‘Dream Again‘.

Two years later, Sun Francisco are back and this time they’re singing in Lithuanian with their song ‘Trauka (Svaigsta galva)‘ (‘Attraction (Vertigo)’). According to the couple in an interview with ESC United, the song initially started out as a trap song but was then reworked to have a more retro 80s sound. Will it attract attention on the night?

Mary Mo – Done

Marija Monika Dičiūnė, also known as Mary Mo, is another artist who completed in 2022’s national final. Her song ‘Get Up‘ made it to the second semi-final where it placed 9th. She has since gone on to release the singles ‘Viskas Primena Tave‘ (‘Everything Reminds You’) and ‘Action Foreplay‘.

Mary Mo will be competing this year with her song ‘Done‘, an anti-war song. Could it stir up strong emotions and earn a spot in the final?

Baltos Varnos – In the Night

Baltos Varnos are a group whose name means ‘white crows’, a colloquial term in Lithuanian for people who shun tradition and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they blend pop, folk and indie to make a sound all their own. They last participated in Lithuania’s 2020 national final where their song ‘Namų dvasia‘ (‘Home Spirit’) narrowly missed out on a spot in the final, placing 5th in its semi.

Now Baltos Varnos are back with their song ‘In the Night‘. In an interview with ESC United, the band confirmed the song was not written with Eurovision in mind and is:

an invitation to our sacred land, where all sisters and brothers come together in a common union and pour out the emotions of these complex, modern times. We believe that at this time, when the flow of information is endless, we are sometimes overwhelmed with both good and bad emotions, and such discharge moments are very necessary for all of us.

Baltos Varnos, ESC United

Can the band impress with their mystical vibes once again?

Shower – Impossible

Shower, formerly known as John’s Shower Band, are a rock band consisting of Jonas Filmanavičius, Kazimieras Krulikovskis, Vainius Indriūnas and Simonas Krukonis. They formed in 2018 and in 2020 they won the Garažas competition, a contest for rock music in Lithuania. They released their debut album ‘Shampoo‘ that same year, which was followed by their EP ‘Last Moments Of‘ in 2021.

The band will be hoping to represent Lithuania with their song ‘Impossible‘. Speaking of the decision to Lithuanian news publication 15 Min, they said:

We decided to participate in the selection for Eurovision in order to be able to present our work to a wider audience. The piece was born very naturally and quite quickly, and only later did we decide to participate in the selections with it.


Is it possible we’ll be seeing Shower at Malmö this May?

You can watch Eurovizija.LT tonight from 20:00 CET through broadcaster LRT’s livestream. Which two artists are you hoping to see progress to the final? Be sure to let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow our socials.

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