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It’s time for the second heat of MGP 2024, as another 6 artists are set to take the stage to compete for one of three available qualifying spots.

Heat 1 saw Gothminister, Ingrid Jasmin and Margaret Berger sail through to the final, which takes place on February 3rd 2024.

Here’s all you need to know about the artists taking part in Heat 2…

Farida – ‘Heartache’

Farida, from Gjøvik, was just 14 when she decided to become a singer, and saw her career take off in 2016 & 2017 with the songs ‘Solo Ride’, ‘Next to Nothing’ and ‘Three Weeks’, gaining attention from both Billboard and MTV. She’s opened for Dua Lipa, and was a finalist in the prestigious ‘John Lennon Songwriting Contest’ in NYC in 2021. She’s taken part in Melodi Grand Prix once before, reaching the final in 2022 with the song ‘Dangerous’.

Now she’s back with ‘Heartache’, a country-pop track that she believes will stand out in her discography. It’s far more upbeat than ‘Dangerous’, and with an existing fanbase behind her it could be her second entry to reach the MGP Final. You can hear her song below!

Mileo – ‘You’re Mine’

Mileo was born in Sydney, Australia to a Norwegian father and Australian mother, and grew up between both Sydney and Oslo. He’s been making and studying music since a young age, and was signed to Sony Music in 2013. He’s collaborated with Norwegian artists such as Alexandra Joner, Adelén and Madcon, and makes predominantly pop music.

You’re Mine’ explores the theme of infatuation, with dark lyrics contrasting to the synth-pop beat. You can hear his song below!

Eli Kristin – ‘Touch Of Venus’

Opera and theatre star Eli Kristin was born and raised in Biri, and began as a pop artist when she released her debut album in 1993. She transitioned to opera in 2002, and will be known to wider audiences for her participation in the show Stjernekamp in 2013, where she has since become a coach and duet partner for other contestants.

Her song is called ‘Touch Of Venus’, and is about discovering how strong you can be at the most vulnerable time of your life, with the lyrics reflecting Eli’s own life. You can hear her song below!

Super Rob, Erika Norwich – ‘My AI’

Erika Norwich is a singer/songwriter from Trondheim, who this year will be taking to the stage with a giant robot known only as “Super Rob”. There are rumours this could be Gaute Ormåsen, who was a member of Norway’s 2022 Eurovision entry Subwoolfer, although this isn’t officially confirmed and is simply just speculation.

My AI’ is pure electro pop, and has become a firm fan favourite, being one of the top 3 songs in the odds to win MGP. Erika told Wiwibloggs that the song is inspired by Barbie, Aqua and AI. Could we be seeing Super Rob & Erika in the final? You can hear their song below!

Dag Erik Oksvold, Anne Fagermo – ‘Judge Tenderly Of Me’

Dag Erik Oksvold is a country music artist from Fosen, and started his career in 2021 with the song ‘Love You More’. He gained wider recognition in 2023 after appearing on​ The Voice Norway, where he reached the Top 6. He’s joining forces with Anne Fagermo, who also appeared on The Voice Norway in 2023. She’s from Akkerhaugen and started her career in 2019, noting Bruce Springsteen, Brandi Carlile and Taylor Swift as her influences. 

Judge Tenderly Of Me’ isn’t the first time the pair have duetted, with collaborations between them stemming from their time on The Voice, including competing on Beat For Beat. You can hear their song below. 

Gåte – ‘Ulveham’

Gåte were founded in Trøndelag in 1999, currently consisting of the members Gunnhild Sundli, Sveinung Sundli, Jon Even Schärer, Ole Storli and Katrin Frøder. They’re a folk-rock / folk-metal band, and achieved most of their success in their initial run in the early 2000s, where they played festivals, won a Spellemann Award in 2002 for ‘Best Newcomer’, sold over 100,000 albums and released multiple critically acclaimed albums. They took a break in 2005 to pursue solo projects, before coming back together in 2017.

Their song is called ‘Ulveham’, and is another one of this years favourites to win. Could Gåte be heading to Malmö in May? You can hear their song below!

Melodi Grand Prix 2024 Heat 2 takes place on January 20th 2024 at 19:50 CET // 18:50 GMT Live on NRK – click here to watch live.

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