You are currently viewing Statement Regarding The Phoenix ESC’s Coverage of Israel at Eurovision
The following statement is written on behalf of the entire Phoenix ESC Team

Like so many of you, we at Phoenix ESC have been closely following the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. In October, we made the decision not to cover any of HaKokhav HaBa (The Next Star), which was likely to be used as Israel’s selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest, feeling this would be inappropriate given the present circumstances.

On 20th November 2023, a clip promoting HaKokhav HaBa (The Next Star), which we will not be sharing, deeply concerned all of the Phoenix ESC team. We are sure many of you have seen this already. The clip, shown by Israel’s broadcaster KAN and Keshet 12, makes it clear that the show will not only be used to promote rising stars but to justify and promote military action. This is something the entire team stands strongly against and is not something any of us wish to promote on our platforms.

Until further notice, The Phoenix ESC will not be covering or providing any updates on Israel’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

We believe that Eurovision stands for peace and unity and while it is an event that is intended to be apolitical, using a national selection contest to promote a military campaign goes directly against this.

We will be making no further comment on this policy at this time.

The Phoenix ESC team wish for a peaceful end to the ongoing conflict.

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