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After another good result for Moldova last year with Pasha Parfeni, Moldova is once again using Etapa Națională to decide their 2024 representative for Eurovision! In this article, we take a look at some of the ones to watch in the lead-up to the live audition round and learn more about the format this year – read on to find out more!

The Format and The Line-Up

This year there were 51 submissions sent to the broadcaster TeleRadio Moldova which were all judged by an expert committee and they decided the Top 32 songs that would advance to the live audition round where the singers will perform in front of a jury. This line-up was announced on December 26th 2023. Aliona Moon and Milla were originally in the line-up but the day after, it was announced that they had withdrawn from the competition. The line-up is as follows:

  • Anna G – Ay Ay AY
  • Anna Gulko – Perfect Place
  • Cătălina Solomac – Fever
  • Denis Midone – Back To Me
  • DPSTP – Rise Up
  • Formația Vele – Carnaval
  • Iulia Teleucă – Runaway
  • Laura – Spune-mi
  • Maria Ciolac – Break Free
  • Max Cara – Broke The Chain
  • Natalia Barbu – In The Middle
  • Nicoleta Sava – Bravo
  • Nino – Up Again
  • OL – No Time No Space
  • Oleg Spînu – Jungle
  • Oliv Sky – Another Universe
  • Oliv Sky – Loud and Clear
  • Poli – Lui
  • Reghina Alexandrina – Contrasens
  • Sasha Bognibov – Married To Twins
  • Sasha Letty – DNA
  • Trupa Vovi Robian – Robotul Vovi
  • Tudor Bumbac – Tudorel
  • Valeria Pasha – Anti-Princess
  • Valleria – Rule (Rai Di Ri Di)
  • Valleria – Run
  • Victor Gulick – Fever
  • Victor Lozinsky – Dirty WInd/Joker and Harley Move
  • Viola Julea – Light Up!
  • Y-Limit – Revolution
  • Y-Limit- What’s the Fun

After the auditions, the jury will vote for their favourites and the top 10 acts will qualify for the live grand final on the 17th February where they’ll perform again. A jury and the Moldovan public at home will then choose their favourite act and whoever wins overall will represent Moldova in Malmö.

Ones To Watch

Natalia Barbu

Natalia Barbu is a pop rock singer who has had a long and successful career in Moldova and Romania. Eurofans will recognise her as the Moldovan entrant in Eurovision 2007 where she sang ‘Fight’ and finished in 10th place, which was a great result for the small nation. She has also tried to represent Romania back in 2013 with her song ‘Confession’ but she ultimately didn’t make it past the semi-finals. 17 years after her Eurovision appearance, she’s back in the running to represent Moldova with her pop song ‘In The Middle‘.

Iulia Teleucă

Iulia Teleucă is another singer that’s been on Eurofans’ radars since her up-tempo earworm ‘Runaway’ was revealed. Many fans have complimented the catchy nature of the song so could she be the one to beat?


Valleria is another singer who’s had a lot of love from the Eurovision community. Like a couple of acts, she has submitted multiple songs and they’ve both made the Top 32. She’ll be singing ‘Run‘ and ‘Rule (Rai Di Ri Di)‘ with the latter especially being tipped to do well. Could Valleria and the dramatic song stand out in the auditions? Find out on Saturday!

Denis Midone

Denis Midone is no stranger to Eurovision as he represented Moldova in Junior Eurovision 2012 with ‘Toate vor fi‘ where he finished in 10th place. He’s since tried to represent Moldova in the main contest again, such as back in 2020 with his song ‘Like A Champion’. However, he ultimately didn’t become the champion, finishing in 16th place. Despite the result, some of his songs have had lots of views on YouTube with his most popular having over 1.5 million views. Hoping for more success, he’s back and fittingly singing ‘Back To Me’.

Tudor Bumbac

And last, but certainly not least is Tudor Bumbac. Tudor has become somewhat of an icon amongst the Eurovision community thanks to his multiple attempts at representing Moldova with his upbeat songs, proving that you can never be too old to follow your dreams and make music. He’s appeared at the live auditions in 2015, 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2022, but unfortunately has never progressed any further. On his now 6th attempt, he’ll be singing ‘Tudorel’ which has a very happy and catchy melody, hoping to finally make the live final.

You can watch the live auditions on Saturday 13th January on TeleRadio Moldova’s YouTube channel from approximately 2pm UK time until 5pm.

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