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It’s time for Eurovision’s smallest nation to choose their song for Liverpool 2023! Following a week of 106 entries and 5 heats, Una Voce Per San Marino concludes with the Grand Final on Saturday 25th February, at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana, San Marino.

The entries have been whittled down to 22, including 2 pre-qualified acts, all of which will compete to win Una Voce Per San Marino, where the winner will be decided by an expert jury. But who are the artists competing to represent San Marino in Eurovision 2023? Let’s find out!

Alfie Arcuri – Collide

Australian singer Alfie Arcuri is no stranger to the Eurovision bubble. After winning the fifth season of The Voice Australia, he competed in Australia Decides 2019 and came 5th with the song ‘To Myself’. He also co-wrote ‘Running’ by Sandro, which would have represented Cyprus in 2020. He directly qualified from the first heat of UVPSM, and is looking to represent the micronation with ‘Collide’

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Deborah Iurato – Out of Space

Deborah Iurato is an Italian singer and TV personality from Sicily. She is well known in the Italian music scene, in 2014 she achieved an Italian #1 single with ‘Anche se fuori è inverno’, and her debut eponymous album came #2 in the Italian charts. She is also a previous Sanremo participant, coming 3rd with her duet with Giovanni Caccamo in Sanremo 2016. She will be competing in the UVPSM final with ‘Out of Space’

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Deshedus – Non basterà

Rock band Deshedus is hoping to fly the Sammarinese flag in Liverpool. The band comprises four members: Alessio Mieli, Gabriele Foti, Federico Rondolini and Stefano Tozz. They advanced from Heat 1 of UVPSM with their song ‘Non basterà’

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E.E.F. – Something for you

EEF (Early Ettringite Formation) is a rock band whose style is influenced by jazz and funk, comprising six musicians from the Marche region in Italy – Edoardo Gili (vocals), Mattia Leoni (drums), Giovanni Golaschi (bass), Umberto Ferretti (guitar), Leonardo Rosselli (saxophone) and Matteo Paggi (trombone). They are hoping to go to Eurovision with ‘Something for you’

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Edoardo Brogi – Due punti sull’equatore

Edoardo Brogi is an Italian singer from Tuscany, who previously won the Coca Cola Future Legend competition in 2019. He qualified from the second chance round of UVPSM, and is competing in the final with ‘Due punti sull’equatore’ and hoping to represent San Marino in Eurovision.

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Eiffel 65 – Movie star

Perhaps the most famous of tonight’s lineup, Italian Eurodance group Eiffel 65 are best known for their worldwide 90s hit ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’, which was nominated for a Grammy Award. They secured a place in the UVPSM final with ‘Movie Star’. Many fans believe that we will be seeing Eiffel 65 representing San Marino in Eurovision this year – we will have to wait and see!

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Ellynora – Mama told me

Ellynora is an Italian singer and dancer from Rome, who lives between Italy and the US. Her music style has Latin and Southern Italian influences. She qualified from the second heat of UVPSM, and is now looking to win the final and represent San Marino at Eurovision with ‘Mama told me’


Iole – Sul tetto del mondo

OLE is an Italian artist from in Naples. She started singing as a child and has participated in many contests, including the 15th season of ‘Amici; where she participated alongside Sanremo favourite Elodie. She will be competing in the UVPSM final with ‘Sul tetto del mondo’

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Kida – Stessa pelle

Kida is a Sammarinese singer, who is one of two pre-qualified acts for the UVPSM final. She will be competing to represent San Marino in Liverpool with ‘Stessa pelle’

Le Deva – Fiori su marte

La Deva is an Italian girl group, comprising Verdiana Zangaro, Greta Manuzi and Roberta Pompa. They won the ‘Big International Artist’ category of the famous Albanian music competition ‘Kënga Magjike’. They are hoping to be San Marino’s entrant in Eurovision 2023 with the song ‘Fiori su marte’

Lorenzo Licitra – Never give up

Lorenzo Licitra is an Italian singer from Sicily, who has an opera background but has transitioned into modern pop music. He is best known for winning The X Factor Italy in 2017. He is now hoping to represent Italy’s neighbour with ‘Never give up’

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Mate – Prisma

Mate is an Italian singer from Naples, who has taken part in a number of music competitions such as SanremoLab, X Factor and The Voice of Italy. She has also served as a jury member on the Italian version of All Together Now.

Mate is no stranger to Una Voce per San Marino, having participated in the 2022 final with the song ‘DNA’, which finished 17th in the final. She is having another go at representing San Marino in Eurovision this year, will she be successful second time around?

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MAYU – C’è qualcosa in me che non funziona

MAYU is a Swiss singer who is competing in the UVPSM final with a song in Italian, entitled ‘Mayu – C’è qualcosa in me che non funziona’, after safely qualifying from the third heat of UVPSM. Will she be flying the Sammarinese flag in Liverpool?

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NeVRuZ – L’alieno

NeVRuZ is an Italian singer, songwriter and actor who entered UVPSM with the soft-rock ballad ‘L’alieno’. He qualified from the third heat of UVPSM to secure a place in the final to try and represent San Marino at Eurovision.

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Piqued Jacks – Like an animal

Piqued Jacks are a rock band from Italy whose music is influenced by punk-rock elements. They advanced from the third heat to the final of UVPSM with ‘Like An Animal’

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Ronela – Salvaje

Perhaps the most talked-about song in this final, Ronela is well-known for being a fan favourite in Eurovision 2022, having represented Albania with ‘Sekret’. Many fans believe that Ronela unfairly missed out of the Grand Final of Eurovision 2022, and are pleased that she may potentially have another chance at the Eurovision final, only this time representing San Marino instead of Albania. Her song ‘Salvaje’ features Spanish lyrics, and has been likened to a World Cup song. Will Ronela become only the second Eurovision act ever to represent two different countries at Eurovision?


Roy Paci – Tromba

Roy Paci is a Sicilian trumpeter who plays sunny latin, mestizo, reggae and ska with his band Roy Paci & Aretuska. He played with Manu Chao and the latter appears on his 2007 album SuoNoGlobal. He is hoping to represent San Marino in Eurovision this year with his brassy bop ‘Tromba’

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Simone – Catching memories

Simone is the second of two pre-qualified Sammarinese artists to be competing in the UVPSM final. Will Simone be the first San Marino native to represent their country in Eurovision since Valentina Monetta?

Thomas – 23:23

Thomas Bocchimpani is an Italian singer, who was the youngest person to win the Amici talent show. Following success in the Italian charts, Thomas is hoping to have further success in UVPSM an represent San Marino with ’23:23′

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Tothem – ‘Sacro e Profano’

Tothem are an Italian band who describe themselves as ‘melodic heavy metal’. They previously entered UVPSM in 2022 but did not make the final, however this year they have managed to do so. Will Tothem win UVPSM with ‘Sacro e Profano’?

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Vina Rose – Oblivious

Vina Rose is an Italian singer from Sicily who is based in London. She participated in the UVPSM final last year, and is back again with the song ‘Sweet Denial’. Will she represent San Marino in Liverpool?

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XGiove is a 5-piece band from Italy, comprising Nicolò, Giacomo, Federico, Andrea and Ludovico. They have been an opening act for Gabry Ponte, who was formerly in Eiffel 65 and co-wrote Austria’s Eurovision 2022 entry ‘Halo’. They qualified from the fourth heat of UVPSM to gain a place in the final. Will they represent San Marino at Eurovision this year?

All finalists can be previewed here:

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