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The hosts for tonight, Amadeus, Gianni Morandi, and Francesca Fagnani - Ansa

Sanremo 2023 has officially kicked off (as did Blanco performing ‘L’isola delle rose’ last night)! In five hours, we officially heard the first 14 entries of this year’s contest, ranging from dramatic ballads to fun upbeat numbers.

And once the evening drew to a close, the press jury officially submitted their votes, resulting in a full top 14. Of which, the scores will be added to tonight’s press jury votes to form a top 28. This is the result as it stands right now:

Of course, as mentioned, this is just voted on by the press jury, and it purely based on first performances, without anyone else voting or second/third/cover performances, so anything can still change. If you missed the show, all of those songs are now available on streaming services with geoblocks continuing to be lifted, and all performances can be watched on the Rai Youtube channel.

Putting aside the events of last night, tonight there are another 14 entries lined up for you to hear in another jam-packed show, so let’s get into what you can expect.

Running order

Giorgia, who will perform tonight, is currently second in the odds to win Sanremo, behind Marco Mengoni – IPA/Fotogramma

As we know, the remaining 14 entries will be heard for the first time tonight, completing this year’s lineup. Although there were bookmarker heavyweights performing yesterday, today should not be counted out in terms of dark horses, namely Giorgia and Lazza.

Will – ‘Stupido’ (Stupid)

Modà – ‘Lasciami’ (Leave me)

Sethu – ‘Cause perse’ (Lost causes)

Articolo 31 – ‘Un bel viaggio’ (A nice journey)

Lazza – ‘Cenere’ (Ash)

Giorgia – ‘Parole dette male’ (Badly spoken words)

Colapesce e Dimartino – ‘Splash’

Shari – ‘Egoista’ (Selfish)

Madame – ‘Il bene nel male’ (The good in the bad)

Levante – ‘Vivo’ (I live)

Tananai – ‘Tango’

Rosa Chemical – ‘Made in Italy’

LDA – ‘Se poi domani’ (If then tomorrow)

Paola & Chiara – ‘Furore’ (Fury)

Special guests

Black Eyed Peas – Renard Garr/Getty Images

Tonight will be co-hosted alongside Amadeus and Gianni Morandi by journalist Francesca Fagnani, who will also talk about the importance of education in the suburbs, and less developed areas of Italy. The guest acts will be Albano and Massimo Ranieri, performing with Gianni Morandi, and none other than Black Eyed Peas. We will also see Gemelli di Guidonia, and Nek and Francesco Renga performing from the Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo, and Fedez performing from the Costa Smeralda cruise ship. Francesco Arca will appear to promote the series ‘Resta con me’, and we will also see comedian Angelo Duro. Finally, Fiorello, Fabrizio Biggio, and Alessia Marcuzzi will host the aftershow, which you’re welcome to stick around and watch.


As previously mentioned, tonight’s votes will also come solely from the press jury (made up of TV, radio, and web representatives). At the end of the show, tonight’s and yesterday’s rankings will be combined in order to present a full top 28, which will be put together with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s votes, to comprise a top 5 superfinal on Saturday night.

And that concludes our night two preview. Tonight’s show can be watched on Rai 1, or Rai Play again from 20:40 CET to 1:30 CET, with the songs once again being released for streaming just afterwards.

Who are you most excited for? Do you think we’ve already heard the winner, or are they coming tonight? Let us know!

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