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Following two years of the ‘C’est vous qui décidez!’ national selection, France has reverted back to internal selection to choose their entry for Eurovision. France’s entry for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool is ‘Évidemment’ by La Zarra. But what can we expect from France’s Eurovision entry this year?

Who is La Zarra?

La Zarra (Fatima Zahra Hafdi) is a Canadian singer with Moroccan origins who originates from Montreal, Quebec. Not much is known about the French-Canadian’s background, other than she takes inspiration from Francophone icons such as Céline Dion, Édith Piaf and Dalida. From what we have seen so far, she certainly seems to be a glamarous figure, wearing avante-gard outfits and definitely having a unique sense of style.


La Zarra was first recognised for her collaboration with rapper Niro in 2016 with the song ‘Printemps blanc’. In 2021 she released the electropop single ‘Tu t’en iras’, which has received over 19 million views on YouTube and 21 million streams on Spotify.

What can we expect from La Zarra at Eurovision 2023?

La Zarra will perform ‘Évidemment’ (Obviously) in Liverpool 2023, which is to be revealed on French TV at 20:30 CET on February 19. Since France Télévisions scrapped their national selection in favour of internally selecting La Zarra, there is a lot of hype amongst the fandom with France’s Eurovision efforts this year. The French delegation also appears to be very excited for their entry in Eurovision 2023:

From our first meeting, La Zarra won us over! What an honour to welcome this great artist in the Eurovision family! 

Mysterious, inspiring, charismatic, La Zarra is a woman and a modern artist with a chic French signature! A voice that transports us through time by making us travel to different eras. From Barbara through Brel or Dalida to Marylin Monroe, La Zarra is an iconic artist who will carry the colors of France in Liverpool in May 2023 during the largest song contest in the world

Alexandra Redde-Amiel, French Head of Delegation

The last time France sent a Canadian artist, Natasha St-Pier in 2001, they achieved one of their best results at Eurovision in recent times. And of course, Switzerland won in 1988 with Céline Dion, a French-Canadian. La Zarra may be on course to continue the trend of French-Canadian success at Eurovision; we wish her all the best in Liverpool.

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