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The winner of Sanremo 2023 Marco Mengoni, with hosts Amadeus, Gianni Morandi, and Chiara Ferragni - L'Unione

We finally made it to the end of Sanremo week! After five days of long, but fantastically entertaining shows, Marco Mengoni was declared the winner of the 73rd edition with ‘Due Vite‘. Notably, this is the second time he’s a winner, after taking the top spot in 2013 with ‘L’Essenziale‘. Also, impressively, he has won every edition he has participated in.

Before heading to the superfinal, places 6th-28th were revealed, after a night of televoting being combined with the voting from other nights to find an average. These were as follows:

Giorgia – ‘Parole dette male’ (Badly spoken words)

Madame – ‘Il bene nel male’ (The good in the bad)

Rosa Chemical – ‘Made in Italy’

Elodie – ‘Due’ (Two)

Colapesce e Dimartino – ‘Splash’

Modà – ‘Lasciami’ (Leave me)

Gianluca Grignani – ‘Quando ti manca il fiato’ (When you lose your breath)

Coma_Cose – ‘L’addio’ (The farewell)

Ariete – ‘Mare di guai’ (Sea of troubles)

LDA – ‘Se poi domani’ (If then tomorrow)

Articolo 31 – ‘Un bel viaggio’ (A nice journey)

Paola & Chiara – ‘Furore’ (Fury)

Leo Gassmann – ‘Terzo cuore’ (Third heart)

Mara Sattei – ‘Duemilaminuti’ (Two thousand minutes)

Colla Zio – ‘Non mi va’ (I don’t feel like it)

Cugini di Campagna – ‘Lettera 22’ (Letter 22)

gIANMARIA – ‘Mostro’ (Monster)

Levante – ‘Vivo’ (I live)

OLLY – ‘Polvere’ (Dust)

Anna Oxa – ‘Sali (Canto dell’anima)’ (Rise (Song of the soul))

Will – ‘Stupido’ (Stupid)

Shari – ‘Egoista’ (Selfish)

Sethu – ‘Cause perse’ (Lost causes)

The podium, which was extended to the top 5 this year instead of the top 3, was announced in random order (Ultimo, Tananai, Lazza, Marco Mengoni, and Mr Rain), and we had the pleasure of seeing each of these acts perform again in the superfinal, where the press and demoscopic juries had 33% of the votes each, and the televote had 34%. At this point, voting was on a clean slate.

Once the show was drawing to a close, other special awards were given out first. The winners of these were as follows:

Mia Martini Critics Prize: Colapesce e Dimartino

Lucio Dalla Press Award: Colapesce e Dimartino

Sergio Bardotto Best Lyrics Award: Coma_Cose

Giancarlo Bigazzi Orchestra Award: Marco Mengoni

Then, Tananai was announced in 5th place, Ultimo in 4th, Mr Rain in 3rd, and finally Marco Mengoni in 1st, leaving Lazza in 2nd.

Winner and runner up of Sanremo 2023 respectfully Marco Mengoni and Lazza, as Marco was announced as the winner – Ansa

The overall percentage of votes were as follows:

Marco Mengoni: 45.53%

Lazza: 16.64%

Mr Rain: 14.43%

Ultimo: 12.25%

Tananai: 11.15%

With the televote portion of those votes looking like this:

Marco Mengoni: 32.31%

Ultimo: 20.39%

Lazza: 18.28%

Mr Rain: 17.87%

Tananai: 11.15%

The press jury placed the top 5 as follows:

Marco Mengoni



Mr Rain


And the demoscopic jury ranked them like this:

Marco Mengoni

Mr Rain




Today though, thoughts turned to Eurovision. Although Marco already expressed his interest in returning to the contest ten years after placing 7th in 2013, he officially confirmed that he will represent Italy in Liverpool this morning.

However, we now have a splash of doubt over the actual song Marco will bring to the contest. In an interview with TG1, he expressed that he’s currently contemplating whether to bring ‘Due Vite‘ to the contest, or something else. He also added that he has the desire to go back to the studio and talk it over with his band first.

So as of right now, Italy’s actual Eurovision entry is still up in the air, but their Eurovision entrant is not, and is officially confirmed as Marco Mengoni.

Are you happy with the results of last night? Where did your favourite place? Do you want Marco to change his song for Eurovision, or are you happy with ‘Due Vite’? Let us know!

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