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You are currently viewing 🇲🇹 MESC 2023: Ones To Watch

MESC is well underway and on Saturday night, we will finally know who will be flying the flag for Malta. We’ve already heard how the remaining songs sound, but how will they look on the big stage? Here are a few acts that we think will be the ones to watch.

Ryan Hili – In The Silence

Ryan is no stranger to competition, as he was the winner of the third series of X Factor – wowing the audience and judges alike with his powerful voice. Ever since then, he has been working on his own material and even supported Sam Ryder at his Maltese concert last summer. He’ll be performing the ballad “In the Silence” which he’s described as a song about “the struggles we face in life and how we overcome them”. He already won the hearts of the Maltese public in the X Factor and now he hopes that they’ll do the same again as well as impressing the juries during MESC. You can listen to his Quarter-final performance below:

Brooke – Checkmate

A popular figure in the Eurovision sphere, Brooke is the next contestant we have on our radar. Brooke has already finished in the Top 5 three times in previous MESCs and she’s had numerous hits to her name in Malta. Her empowering pop song ‘Checkmate’ will surely be another one. In the reel interviews on the @eurovision_malta Instagram account, Brooke has said that her song is: “about a toxic friendship or relationship, but you’re always one step ahead of the person that you want to kick out of your life”. Could she finally go all the way this time? We’ll find out this weekend!

The Busker – Dance (Our Own Party)

Another act that we think could do well is The Busker with their song ‘Dance (Our Own Party)‘. Their pop-funk song is very different to anything else in this year’s competition and comes complete with a sax solo. This could definitely stand out in a contest like this. In their Instagram reel interview, they said that the song was about preferring house parties rather than massive social events. They’ve already passed the Quarter-Final stage, and despite this being their first MESC, they will definitely be bringing the party and could go all the way!

Maxine Pace – Alone

And last, but not least we have Maxine Pace. Maxine is another talented artist and rising star that we think could do well in MESC this year. Her song ‘Alone’ is an emotional ballad that showcases her impressive vocal range. In her Instagram reel interview, she says that ‘Alone’ is a personal song to her and is about being afraid of being alone after grief, the end of a relationship, or a difficult situation and hopes that people can relate to it. She has already performed at major local events such as the annual Isle Of Malta festival in front of thousands of fans, and Eurovision could be her next big festival, where she’ll hope to be the headline act in Semi-Final 1.

While these are the four acts that we think are ones to look out for, there are still many other artists that could still win the MESC trophy and go to Liverpool. One thing we do know is that according to the allocation draw, Malta will be performing in the 1st half of the 1st Semi-Final on Tuesday 10th May.

Who is on your MESC radar this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Brooke Borg / TVM, Ryan Hili

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