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The final heat of Melodifestivalen takes place on Saturday, February 26th. The final 7 artists will perform their songs with the hopes of impressing Sweden and getting the chance to directly reach the final.

The results of Heat 3 were:

Direct Finalists: Anders Bagge – ‘Bigger Than The Universe’ and Faith Kakembo – ‘Freedom’

Semi-Final 5: Lisa Miskovsky – ‘Best To Come’ and Cazzi Opeia – ‘I Can’t Get Enough’

Here are all the artists hoping to qualify this week.

Anna Bergendahl – ‘Higher Power’

Anna Bergendahl is back for her fourth Melodifestivalen. In 2010, she won with ‘This Is My Time’, which became the only Swedish entry to not qualify to date at Eurovision. She then returned in 2019 with ‘Ashes To Ashes’ which came 10th in the final, and in 2020 she placed 3rd with ‘Kingdom Come’. Last year, she wrote ‘The Silence’ for Frida Green, which reached Andra Chansen.

‘Higher Power’ is the final part of her Melfest comeback trilogy. With Heat 4 often including some of the most anticipated entries and potential winners, there are high expectations that she’ll bring a winning song.

This isn’t as impactful as either of her recent entries. It’s country, and that’s reflected in the staging imagery. Anna sounds great, but it seems like she’s saving her vocals for Saturday night. This has the potential to make it, but it isn’t the guaranteed qualifier people expected. You can listen to some of it here.

Image Credit: Melodifestivalen // SVT // Annika Berglund

Lillasyster – ‘Till Our Days Are Over’

Following on from their debut entry in the 2021 contest, Lillasyster is back. This time they’ll be hoping to reach the final. Last year, their song ‘Pretender’ lost out to ‘Baila Baila’ by Alvaro Estrella in Andra Chansen. With Alvaro once again being in this year’s second chance round, the band will be hoping to avoid another duel with him and make the final directly with ‘Till Our Days Are Over’.

Their song is not as heavy as ‘Pretender’, and therefore it’s potentially more accessible. It almost gives the vibe that it could be played over the credits of a film. The ending of it is anthemic, and with an audience, it could really improve the performance as right now it’s all a bit static. Will be interesting to see how Sweden receive this one. You can hear it here.

Image Credit: Melodifestivalen // SVT // Annika Berglund

Malin Christin – ‘Synd Om Dig’

Malin Christin has one of only 2 Swedish songs in this heat, which also happens to be her debut entry into the contest. She is the sister of Wiktoria, who’s had 3 entries into the contest (‘Save Me’ – 4th Place in 2016, ‘As I Lay Me Down’ & ‘Not With Me’ – 6th place in 2017 and 2019). Malin will be hoping to reach, and even do better than her little sister.

This is a great performance, and Malin has the strongest vocals of the first few performers. It’s a piano ballad but has a good build towards the end. Its simple staging means you focus on the song solely which could work in her favour, but in a semi-final of bigger names she may just lose out. You can hear part of her song here.

Image Credit: Melodifestivalen // SVT // Annika Berglund

Tenori – ‘La Stella’

Tenori also makes their debut in the contest. They’re an operatic duo made up of Swede Kalle Leander and English Alexander Grove. Their song was described back in November as ‘modern opera’ by Aftonbladet, in the same sound as Erasure or The Pet Shop Boys.

Looking for opera with a Schlager twist? Then look no further than ‘La Stella’. Whatever you think of it, it is entertaining and will be sure to make you smile. The vocals are great and even though they don’t move that much, they’ve really managed to make the stage look full. This probably won’t be going to the final directly, but it’s a unique addition to the entire Mello 2022 lineup. You can hear some of it here.

Image Credit: Melodifestivalen // SVT // Annika Berglund

Medina – ‘In i dimman’

Medina returns to the stage together for the first time in 4 years at Melodifestivalen. They’re also behind ‘Bluffin’ by LIAMOO, and will be hoping to win the heat just like he did 2 weeks ago. You may recognise member SAMI – he took part last year in the contest with ’90-Talet’.

‘In i dimman’ is a polished, summer anthem that is an excellent way for Medina to make their return to the music scene. It’s perfectly staged and feels the most complete of all of the performances. With strong vocals and charismatic performers, this is a threat to steal a place in the final. We have seen some great Swedish-Language up-tempo songs like this before in the contest from the likes of Anis Don Demina and Samir & Viktor, and Medina are not an exception. You can hear it here.

Image Credit: Melodifestivalen // SVT // Annika Berglund

Angelino – ‘To The End’

Newcomer Angelino is set to make waves in the contest with ‘The End’. With incredibly positive press reviews comparing it to the likes of Duncan Laurence’s ‘Aracde’ and calling it a potential winner, all eyes will be on him this Saturday night. One of the writers behind the song also wrote ‘Only Teardrops’ for Emmelie De Forest in 2013 so he has a winning team behind him, but will they help him reach the final?

Whilst this does have some elements of ‘Arcade’, it does remind me more of a Paul Rey effort than a Duncan Laurence one. He’s a great performer and vocalist, but will that be enough? He’ll stand out in this running order, and has the potential to do well. You can hear part of his song here.

Image Credit: Melodifestivalen // SVT // Annika Berglund

Klara Hammarström – ‘Run To The Hills’

Closing this years Melodifestivalen heats is Klara Hammarström with ‘Run To The Hills’. If you’ve watched Melfest in the last few years you’ll know who Klara is. In 2020, she entered with ‘Nobody’, and in 2021 she came 6th in the final with ‘Beat Of Broken Hearts’. This year, it looks as if she’s aiming to win the contest. Performing last in Heat 4 is always a big moment, and Klara follows on from some successful artists who performed previously in this spot, including 2019 winner John Lundvik, 2020 4th placer Hanna Ferm and last year’s runner up Eric Saade.

This song would fit easily into a video game. Her staging inolves a dancer, in a different colour outfit in the same style, who appears to be another ‘Klara’ – much like Malou Prytz’s ‘Ballerina’ staging in 2020. Speaking of the outfit, it’s another metallic body suit but in red and gold instead of silver like 2021. She’s a great performer and this will appeal to younger voters. You can hear part of it here.

Image Credit: Melodifestivalen // SVT // Annika Berglund

We will find out who this week’s co-host is, and what the interval will be at the dress rehearsal. Last week, Oscar Zia performed his 2016 runner up ‘Human’ with an orchestra.

As this is the final heat, all songs will be released after the show. Therefore, you’ll be able to stream the direct qualifiers from this heat, as well as:

‘Hold Me Closer’ by Cornelia Jakobs and ‘Innocent Love‘ by Robin Bengtsson (Heat One Finalists)

‘Bluffin’ by LIAMOO and ‘Änglavakt’ by John Lundvik (Heat 2 Finalists)

‘Bigger Than The Universe’ by Anders Bagge and ‘Freedom’ by Faith Kakembo (Heat 3 Finalists)

You can watch Heat 4 of Melodifestivalen here: SVT

Which songs are you excited to hear in full? Have you already got a favourite? Be sure to let us know!

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