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San Marino made their choice for Eurovision on February 24th, with Spanish band Megara winning Una Voce Per San Marino 2024 with their song ‘11:11’.

Read on to find out more about Megara!

Who Are Megara?

Megara are a rock & alternative metal band formed in Madrid, Spain in 2015, currently consisting of members Vitti Crocutta, Raphaela Tache, Tio Rober Bueno and Kenzy Loevett. They describe their music as “the perfect mixture between the sinister and the cotton candy”, say they create songs that “mix the darkness with the total opposite”.

Career So Far

In 2016, Megara released their first EP ‘Muérase quien pued‘, followed by the album ‘Siete’ in 2016. However, it wasn’t until 2018 where they began to gain success in the music industry with their second studio album ‘Aquí estamos todos locos‘ bringing in a new legion of fans that helped to push Megara to success, seeing them book slots at festivals across Europe, most notably Download Festival 2019.

Benidorm Fest 2023

Not long after releasing their third album ‘Truco o trato’ at the end of 2022, Megara were announced as one of 18 artists taking part in Benidorm Fest 2023. ‘Arcadia’ was a big favourite with fans, and was the only rock song taking part in the contest that year. After making it through Semi-Final 1, Megara eventually placed 4th in the Final. After this, they went on to support Japanese metal band Babymetal on tour.

Una Voce Per San Marino 2024

Megara were selected to take part in Una Voce Per San Marino 2024, but their win wasn’t plain sailing. After taking part in Semi Final 2 with ‘11:11’, they only progressed to the second chance round, despite once again being on the radar of fans as a potential winner. After making it through second chance, they faced tough competition from Italian singer and one of UVPSM’s established artists Loredana Bertè, who’s song ‘Pazza’ had already competed in Italy’s Sanremo just 2 weeks prior. With Loredana expected to win, it’s safe to say Megara’s eventual victory was a shock result, but one that may serve San Marino well when it comes to Eurovision 2024…

Eurovision 2024

At Eurovision 2024, San Marino will perform 10th – between the Big 5 preview of Spain & Georgia – in Semi Final 2 on May 9th 2024. 

Unfortunately, San Marino’s success in Eurovision hasn’t been great since they first entered in 2008 – they’ve qualified on just three occasions. The first was in 2014, when Valentina Monetta made it to the final with ‘Maybe’ on her third attempt at the contest. The second was Serhat, who returned in 2019 with ‘Say Na Na Na’, and the last in 2021 with ‘Adrenalina’, which saw Senhit (who’d competed in 2011) bring American rapper and international star Flo Rida along to the contest in Rotterdam.

What does this say for Megara’s chances? Well, with ‘11:11’ being one of the only rock entries in Eurovision, and following Latvia’s ballad ‘Hollow’ and Spain’s entry which can’t be voted for, San Marino has every opportunity to stand out and have a shot at reaching the final. This, paired with Megara’s experience of performing and their home country Spain voting in Semi 2, a qualification can not be written off just yet.

We wish San Marino & Megara the best of luck in Eurovision 2024!

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