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Portugal made their choice for Eurovision on March 9th, with Iolanda winning Festival Da Canção 2024 with ‘Grito’.

Read on to find out more about Iolanda!

Who Is Iolanda?

Iolanda Costa, who simply uses her first name in music, is a 29 year old singer from São Pedro de Cova Gala, Figueira da Foz and raised in Pombal. In 2008, she took part in Uma canção para ti , and in series 5 of Ídolos 4 years later.

She moved to Lisbon aged 17, singing in bars and talent contests before attending Sussex University to study songwriting. In 2014, she auditioned for The Voice Portugal, but didn’t make it past the blind auditions.

Festival Da Canção

FdC 2022 saw Iolanda enter as a songwriter and composer for Blacci’sMar no fim’.

Prior to FdC 2024, she released her debut EP in March 2023 titled ‘Cura’, which gained attention across Portugal for its vulnerability and storytelling – most notably seeing her be named as ‘one of music’s next great divas made in Portugal’ by Rimas e Batidas.

Iolanda was named as one of the participants in FdC 2024 on January 18th, with her song ‘Grito’ written and produced by herself and Alberto “Luar” Hernández. In English, the title translates to ‘Shout’ – Iolanda described the song as being a “scream of self defence and trusting in yourself”. She further explained the message behind ‘Grito’ to ESCPlus…

I wrote that song to me, to speak up about my own inner ghosts and my journey with my own mental health. […] Just be true to yourself, don’t hate whoever did you wrong in the past but sit them at a table and talk. […] It’s a cleansing, healing process – my first EP [‘Cura’] talks about healing, and I think I’m continuing this journey and ‘Grito’ was the culmination of that process.

Iolanda, ESCplus International

It was one the favourites going into FdC, and unsurprisingly came out on top in both semi final 1 and the final, beating João Borsch by 4 points for the ticket to Malmö.

Eurovision 2024

At Eurovision 2024, Portugal will perform 14th – between Australia & Luxembourg – in Semi Final 1 on May 7th 2024. 

Since the contest returned after its 2020 cancellation, Portugal has had a 3 year qualification streak, most recently coming 23rd in the final with ‘Ai Coração’ by Mimicat in 2023. Iolanda will be hoping to continue their success in the contest this year, and with one of the few female led ballads in ESC 2024, she may be in a great position to do just that.

We wish Iolanda & Portugal the best of luck at Eurovision 2024!

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