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On the 15th March Azerbaijan’s entry Özünlə Apar was revealed marking the final entry to be released for Eurovision 2024. Read on to find out more about Fahree and Ilkin Dovlatov!

Who are Fahree & IIkin Dovlatov?

Fakhri Ismayilov, known professionally as Fahree, grew up in a musically driven family with his father having experience as a jazz drummer. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fahree himself began to focus more attention on a music career.

By 2022 he had started releasing music debuting with the upbeat track “Dance” which you can listen to below:

Fahree will be accompanied on stage by Ilkin Dovlatov, an Azerbaijani artist known for his career as a classic Mugham singer.

Similarly to Fahree, Ilkin also came from a musical background, crediting his father largely for inspiring his career within the music industry.

In 2023 he competed in The Voice of Azerbaijan (native songs version) finishing as runner-up of the competition. In addition to this, he has also competed in the Azəri Star song contest.

Ilkin performing at the Final of The Voice

Eurovision Journey

On the 7th March İTV announced that Fahree was to compete for the country at this years Eurovision. Within the following week before the song was revealed on the 15th of March, Ilkin Dovlatov was announced to be joining Fahree on stage in Malmö to perform their entry “Özünlə Apar.

Back in the earliest stages of İTV’s internal process to select their act, Fahree noted his excitement at being considered:

This year I wrote and sent my song to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 and went to the next stage! It was my long-standing dream!”

Fahree also spoke of his collaboration with Ilkin:

“Thank you Ilkin, with his performance, he added the colors I dreamed of to the mugham part of the song, and realized the idea I kept in my heart and mind”.


Azerbaijan will appear in the first semi-final on the 7th of May, performing 12th, after Moldova’s Natalia Barbu and before Australia’s Electric Fields.

Much contention has been noted amongst fans regarding this year’s contest, with qualifier predictions becoming increasingly challenging.

You can listen to their song right here!

We wish Fahree and Ilkin all the best in Malmö!

You can follow Fahree and Ilkin on social media!

Instagram – @itsfahree

Instagram – @ilkindovlatov

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