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The final of Melodifestivalen 2024 is finally upon us! After five heats, which saw ten acts progress to the final and two more acts qualify from a second chance run-off vote, Saturday 9th March will see Sweden finally crown their Eurovision 2024 representative.

As the host country, Sweden will undoubtedly want to make a lasting impression with their choice but who will it be? Read on to see who we think could be lifting the Songbird trophy!

Marcus & Martinus – ‘Unforgettable’

Undoubtedly the favourites to win are Norwegian twin brothers Marcus & Martinus, who opened Heat 5 with a performance of ‘Unforgettable’ that was exactly that. With a corridor-like set-up displaying some impressive LEDs and spectacular lighting, as well as slick choreography from both the brothers and their dancers, this is pop perfection that feels undoubtedly like what we’ve come to expect from Sweden in Eurovision. Having placed second in Melodifestivalen 2023 with ‘Air’, Marcus & Martinus look like even more confident performers this time around which could stand them in good stead. Will they be the ones to win it all?

Jacqline – ‘Effortless’

Second in the odds is Jacqline with ‘Effortless’ and it’s not difficult to see why. The 25-year-old newcomer performed in Heat 3 and gave a slick, polished performance worthy of a major awards show. Jacqline dealt with a rectangular frame that rose and lowered, as well as dancers and choreography of her own, with ease and nailed every single one of her live performances throughout the rehearsal process. The song is Swedish pop perfection with a catchy chorus guaranteed to get stuck in your head when voting rolls around. Jacqline also has the notable accolade of being the only newcomer to qualify directly to the final in this year’s Melfest. Could she beat all the established artists and take home the trophy?

Danny Saucedo – ‘Happy That You Found Me’

One act that can’t be discounted from a chance at the win is Danny Saucedo. Having competed in Melodifestivalen five times (once with former Swedish boyband E.M.D.), Danny will be hoping to take home the crown. ‘Happy That You Found Me’ is closer in style to some of his older music which will surely please his fans and although he faced some criticism for not incorporating dancers into his staging, Danny has said he did so as he now feels more comfortable standing on stage as a solo artist. He’s certainly able to let his vocals and stage presence do the talking and with the crowd of the Friends Arena behind him in Stockholm, there’s still every chance he could be chosen for the win.

Dotter – ‘It’s Not Easy To Write A Love Song’

A performance that’s been getting a lot of love from fans since its Heat 4 debut is Dotter‘s ‘It’s Not Easy to Write a Love Song’. Although she was plagued by vocal issues during rehearsals which culminated in her requiring support from backing vocalists on the Saturday, she still managed to go directly to the final and it’s not difficult to see why. With simple staging, including smoke, a piano and close and intimate camera shots, this beautiful ballad really stands out amongst the big, bombastic pop numbers. Now that she’s had time to rest her voice, all eyes and ears will be on Dotter to see what she can do in the final.

LIAMOO – ‘Dragon’

Having performed all the way back in Heat 2, LIAMOO could still very well be in with a chance of representing Sweden in May. ‘Dragon’ is very different to his previous Melfest efforts but it was a real stand-out moment in its heat. Having added more pyro, smoke and better lighting by Friday’s rehearsals, the performance was really elevated and LIAMOO himself is on top form vocally. Don’t be surprised if we see him take home the prize this weekend!

SVT have revealed a running order for the final which you can see below:

  • Maria Sur – When I’m Gone
  • Jay Smith – Back To My Roots
  • Lisa Ajax – Awful Liar
  • Smash Into Pieces – Heroes are Calling
  • Cazzi Opeia – Give My Heart a Break
  • Annika Wickihalder – Light
  • Marcus & Martinus – Unforgettable
  • Dotter – It’s Not Easy To Write a Love Song
  • Medina – Que Sera
  • LIAMOO – Dragon
  • Jacqline – Effortless
  • Danny Saucedo – Happy That You Found Me

So now you know who we think is in with a chance of victory this weekend, we want to know your thoughts. Who do you think we’ll be seeing at Malmö in May? Are they on our list or are you hoping for something entirely different? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow us on all our socials.

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