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The hosts of Sanremo 2024 night three, Amadeus and Teresa Mannino -

Last night, we saw half of the artists give their second performances on stage. Amidst the chaos of watching Mahmood and Tofu (Fiorello’s rapper counterpart) mash up the past four Sanremo winners, and seeing John Travolta doing ‘the Bird Dance‘ (yes, really), we were also presented with a top five for the evening.

This was the result for the night, as voted by the radio jury and televote at home:

Sanremo 2024 night two results – Rai

When looking at these results, we can deduce that Geolier and Irama are the two acts favoured by the televote and/or the radio jury, but not necessarily by the press jury, as they didn’t place top five in Tuesday’s show. However, Annalisa, Loredana Bertè, and Mahmood have remained consistently high in both rankings. It’s also worth noting that this ranking didn’t take into account the acts who didn’t perform, so in terms of a combined top 30 we’ll have a better idea of a final ranking after tonight.

If you missed any performances, they are available for viewing on the Rai Youtube channel. Last night aside, let’s get into what you can expect from night three.

Running order

Il Tre will open the show with his entry ‘Fragili’ – Ansa /

The acts who didn’t perform yesterday are set to perform tonight. Like yesterday, those who are not competing will introduce those who are. These pairs were once again randomly allocated in this morning’s press conference.

  1. Il Tre – ‘Fragili’ (Fragile), presented by Loredana Bertè
  2. Maninni – ‘Spettacolare’ (Spectacular), presented by Alfa
  3. Bnkr44 – ‘Governo punk’ (Punk goverment), presented by Fred De Palma
  4. Santi Francesi – ‘L’amore in bocca’ (Love in the mouth), presented by Clara
  5. Mr. Rain – ‘Due altalene’ (Two swings), presented by Il Volo
  6. Rose Villain – ‘Click Boom!’, presented by Gazzelle
  7. Alessandra Amoroso – ‘Fino a qui’ (Until now), presented by Dargen D’Amico
  8. Ricchi e Poveri – ‘Ma non tutta la vita’ (But not the whole life), presented by BigMama
  9. Angelina Mango – ‘La noia’ (The boredom), presented by Irama
  10. Diodato – ‘Ti muovi’ (You move), presented by The Kolors
  11. Ghali – ‘Casa mia’ (My home), presented by Mahmood
  12. Negramaro – ‘Ricominciamo tutto’ (Let’s restart it all again), presented by Emma
  13. Fiorella Mannoia – ‘Mariposa’ (Butterfly), presented by Annalisa
  14. Sangiovanni – ‘Finiscimi’ (End me), presented by Renga e Nek
  15. La Sad – ‘Autodistruttivo’ (Self-destructive), presented by Geolier

Special guests

Russell Crowe will be performing in tonight’s show – Beat

Tonight’s show will be co-hosted by Teresa Mannino, a comedian, actress, and television personality. Singer Eros Ramazzotti will appear, celebrating the 40th anniversary of his song ‘Terra promessa’. Russell Crowe and his blues band will also perform. Stefano Massini and Paolo Jannacci will perform their song ‘L’uomo nel lampo’ in order to raise awareness of workplace deaths. Gianni Morandi, who co-hosted the contest last year, will also appear. Actress Sabrina Ferilli will promote the series Gloria, and actor, director, and screenwriter Edoardo Leo will promote the series Il Clandestino. Paola e Chiara, who placed 17th last year with ‘Furore‘, will perform on the Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo, and Bresh will perform on the Costa Smeralda cruise ship. FiorelloFabrizio Biggio, and Alessia Marcuzzi will also appear in connection from the after-show Viva Rai2’s glass box.


Just like last night, the voting tonight will be between the radio jury and a televote. At the end of the night, we will see another top five of the acts performing tonight.

That concludes tonight’s preview. The show will run tonight from 20:40 CET – 1:30 CET. The aftershow Viva Rai2 will begin immediately afterwards if you want more content.

Who are you most excited to see perform tonight? Were you happy with last night’s top five? Do you expect any surprises going forward? Let us know!

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