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The hosts for Sanremo 2024 night two, Amadeus and Giorgia - Il Giorno

Sanremo 2024 has officially begun! All 30 entries are now out in the open after being debuted last night. The songs range in energy, genre, and meaning, with something for all to enjoy.

At the end of the night, the press jury voted on a top 30, and the current top five was made public. As a reminder, we will not see the full ranking until Saturday’s final, so if your favourite song didn’t place last night, it’s a guessing game as to where they currently stand. This is the result as of now:

Sanremo 2024 night one results – Rai

As mentioned, only the press jury voted last night, so things can still change going forward. If you missed any performances, they are all available to view on the Rai Youtube channel.

Gearing up for second performances, let’s take a look at what to expect from tonight’s show.

Running order

Fred De Palma will open the show with ‘Il cielo non ci vuole’ – IPA/Fotogramma

Between tonight and tomorrow, the 30 entries will be halved, so we will see second performances from 15 songs tonight. In a fun twist, the artists not performing today will take to the stage to introduce the performers one by one. In this morning’s press conference, they were randomly allocated their pairs. This of course won’t affect the result, but it will be nice to see.

  1. Fred De Palma – ‘Il cielo non ci vuole’ (The sky doesn’t want us), presented by Ghali
  2. Renga e Nek – ‘Pazzo di te’ (Crazy for you), presented by La Sad
  3. Alfa – ‘Vai!’ (Go!), presented by Mr. Rain
  4. Dargen D’Amico – ‘Onda alta’ (High wave), presented by Diodato
  5. Il Volo – ‘Capolavoro’ (Masterpiece), presented by Rose Villain
  6. Gazzelle – ‘Tutto qui’ (That’s all), presented by Bnkr44
  7. Emma – ‘Apnea’ (Apnoea), presented by Santi Francesi
  8. Mahmood – ‘Tuta gold’ (Golden tracksuit), presented by Alessandra Amoroso
  9. BigMama – ‘La rabbia non ti basta’ (Rage is not enough for you), presented by Il Tre
  10. The Kolors – ‘Un ragazzo una ragazza’ (A boy, a girl), presented by Angelina Mango
  11. Geolier – ‘I p’ me, tu p’ te’ (Me for you, you for me), presented by Fiorella Mannoia
  12. Loredana Bertè – ‘Pazza’ (Crazy), presented by Sangiovanni
  13. Annalisa – ‘Sinceramente’ (Sincerely), presented by Maninni
  14. Irama – ‘Tu no’ (Not you), presented by Ricchi e Poveri
  15. Clara – ‘Diamanti grezzi’ (Raw diamonds), presented by Negramaro

Special guests

John Travolta – Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Tonight will be co-hosted alongside Amadeus by singer Giorgia, who you may remember from placing 6th last year with ‘Parole dette male‘. She will sing her song ‘E poi‘, which placed 7th in the newcomers section of Sanremo 1994. The special guests for the evening are John Travolta, pianist Giovanni Allevi, and cartoonist, writer, and radio host Matteo Bussola. The cast of immensely popular series Mare Fuori will appear to promote the fourth season of the show (which interestingly competing act Clara is a part of), Leo Gassmann, who you may remember from finishing 18th last year with ‘Terzo cuore‘ will promote the film ‘Califano‘, and the Orchestra Casadei will perform ‘Romagna mia‘. Bob Sinclar will perform on the Costa Smeralda cruise ship, and Rosa Chemical, who placed 8th last year with ‘Made in Italy‘, will perform on the Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo. Fiorello, Fabrizio Biggio, and Alessia Marcuzzi will also appear from the aftershow Viva Rai2‘s glass box.


Tonight’s voting will be split 50%/50% between the radio jury, and the televote at home. The first time both groups have been voting this year, this will give us a clearer picture of who may be the frontrunners in the contest. All 15 songs will be ranked, but we will only see the top five at the end of the night.

That concludes our preview for tonight’s show. You can watch on Rai 1 or Rai Play from 20:40 CET. The show is scheduled to end at 1:30 CET, however in the press conference this morning it was said that the show will end at 1:40 CET.

Who are you most excited to see perform again? Who do you think will win as it stands? Do you think the top 5 will change much tonight? Let us know!

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