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It’s time for Spain to select their Eurovision 2024 entry, as Benidorm Fest reaches it’s conclusion on February 3rd 2024.

Eight artists will compete for the opportunity to represent the Big 5 nation at the contest in Malmö, but only one can win…

Here are the ones to watch for the final of Benidorm Fest 2024….

St. Pedro – ‘Dos Extraños (Cuarteto de Cuerda)’

With a predicted 52% chance of winning according to the odds (at the time of writing), St. Pedro’s ‘Dos Extraños (Cuarteto de Cuerda)’ is certainly the one to watch going into the final. The song is a gentle ballad, which, despite some criticisms about its staging, was just a few points off getting the maximum overall score in semi-final 2 – he won the jury with 94 points, and came second in both the demoscopic jury and televote, ending the night with 164 points and as thewinner of semi-final 2. Comparisons have been made to Salvador Sobral’s 2017 Eurovision winner ‘Amar pelos dois’ by some listeners, which could serve Spain extremely well in the Eurovision final should the song go on to have the same effect as Salvador’s did across Europe. Could we be seeing St. Pedro in Malmö?

Nebulossa – ‘Zorra’

Nebulossa’s ‘Zorra’ became a hit in Spain prior to semi-final 1, so it was no suprise that it sailed through as the winner of the semi on Tuesday night. ‘Zorra’ won the jury, placed 3rd with the demoscopic jury and 2nd with the televote, and is currently sitting at 2nd in the odds to win Benidorm Fest. Not only this, but it’s currently the most viewed performance on YouTube from both semi finals, with over 550k views at the time of writing. The song is all about female empowerment, with the lyrics fighting back against harmful, sexist language, insults and stereotypes, which Nebulossa believe is an important message to take not just to the Benidorm stage, but to the Eurovision one too. Could they be Spain’s next entry for the contest?

Jorge González – ‘Caliente’

Caliente‘ wasn’t really in the conversations about potential Benidorm Fest winners prior to Semi-Final 2, with many considering it a borderline qualifier, or potentially one that wouldn’t even make it to the final. That all changed however during Jorge’s performance – in a similar way to acts like 2022 winner Chanel (who also wasn’t a big favourite to win before the show aired), he made his 3 minutes on stage count, seeing a change in opinion from the crowd and fans online, sailing through to the final in 3rd place. The song was so loved by fans that it won the televote and demoscopic jury, but was placed in the bottom 3 by the expert jury – which, when announced, recieved a negative response from those in the arena. Despite it’s jury score, there’s no way ‘Caliente’ can be counted out of contention for the trophy, meaning we may be seeing it again in May on the Eurovision stage.

Angy Fernández – ‘Sé quién soy’

She’s one of this years best-known contenders in Benidorm Fest, and now Angy Fernández could become known across Europe should she win with ‘Sé quién soy’. Arguably the strongest performance from semi-final 1, Angy won the deomscopic jury and placed 2nd in the televote, putting her in 2nd place overall when all scores were combined. Whilst her chances of winning have slipped since the songs were released back in December, she’s still a big favourite to be walking away from the final as the winner of Benidorm Fest 2024.

Despite these four being the most likely winners, we also can’t count out songs like ‘Brillos Platino’ by Almácor, which prior to Semi Final 2 was the run-away favourite to win Benidorm Fest this year. With great staging and an engaging performance, it also wouldn’t be a suprise if we see this song going to Eurovision. There’s also strong performances by Sofia Coll, María Peláe, Miss Caffeina to look out for – making this one very exciting final for Spain!

The final of Benidorm Fest 2024 takes place on February 3rd 2024 at 21:00 CET // 22:00 GMT Live on RTVE – click here to watch live.

Who’s your favourite to win Benidorm Fest this year ? Let us know in the comments below!

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