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The third and final heat of MGP 2024 is upon us, as the final 6 artists battle for a place in next week’s Grand Final.

Last week, Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo, Gåte and Super Rob & Erika Norwich joined Heat 1’s Gothminister, Ingrid Jasmin and Margaret Berger as this years Heat 1 & 2 qualifiers.

Here’s all you need to know about the Heat 3 artists…

Vidar Villa – ‘MER’

Vidar Villa is Spellemann Award nominated artist from Lillestrøm, and began his career in 2016. In 2018, he competed in MGP with ‘Moren Din’, and has since become one of Norway’s most popular pop musicians, with over 200 million streams and 17 songs reaching gold or platinum status.  ​

His song is called ‘MER’, and is all about embracing whatever life throws at you. You can hear his song below! ​

Mistra – ‘Waltz Of Death’

Mistra are a duo made up of Benedicte Adrian and Anders Odden. Anders is co-founder of death-metal band Cadaver, as well as other bands Magenta, ORDER and Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult. Born in Stavanger but raised in Fredrikstad and Råde, he became interested in rock as a child after discovering Kiss, and founded Cadaver in 1988. He’s been credited as one of the pioneers in the Norwegian metal industry, and despite moving between both being in bands and working behind the scenes in the music industry, he has still achieved great success both in Norway and internationally. Oslo-born Benedicte is a former Eurovision artist, representing Norway 40 years ago in 1984 as part of Dollie De Luxe, where they came 17th with ‘Lenge leve livet’. She has since gone on to perform in Opera’s and Theatres, and judged Series 5 of Norway’s Pop Idol. 

Waltz of Death’ is the duo’s first song together, mixing both pop and metal for a dark yet accessible track unlike nothing else in this years MGP. You can hear their song below! ​

Thomas Jenssen – ‘Take Me To Heaven’

Levanger native Thomas Jenssen is achieving one of his dreams as part of this years MGP lineup, and has a strong passion for music – he studied it at University, and is currently taking his Masters degree in songwriting. 

His song is called ‘Take Me To Heaven’ and he described it as the following to ESCUnited :

It is a song about daring to be vulnerable and knowing it is okay to be yourself. Like RuPaul says ”if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”. That’s the main inspiration lyrically for the song. 

Thomas Jenssen, ESC United

You can hear his song below!

Annprincess – ‘Save Me’

Born in Liberia but raised in Lier after fleeing her homeland at age 6, Annprincess began singing and writing songs at age 13. She began channelling her emotions through music, entering the industry professionally in 2019. Despite being turned away from Idol on four occasions, she made it to both Norske Talenter as a teen and The Voice Norway in 2022. Now, age 32, she’ll be taking part in Melodi Grand Prix. You can read more about her incredible story and life by clicking here

Her song is called ‘Save Me’, and is about the loneliness a person can feel when others point out their differences, something Annprincess has spoken of feeling after moving to Norway. It also explores acceptance and learning how to stand up for yourself.

Growing up in Africa, the colour of my skin was not really something I thought about. It took Norway to make me aware of it – not just aware, but ashamed. Comments from strangers, and even my so-called friends, about the differences between their skin and body and mine, made me ashamed when looking in the mirror. For a long time, I wished I looked like them, just to fit in and be liked.

Annprincess on growing up in Norway, Happiful

You can hear her song below!

Miia – ‘Green Lights’

Miia (Mia Virk Kristensen) is from Kragerø, and broke through with the song ‘Dynasty’ in 2015, which currently has over 160 million Spotify streams. Her interest for music began when she was aged 5, taking singing lessons and becoming a member of her church choir. In 2011, she took part in the Kragerø Folk Festival and joined the choir group Singspiration, with whom she travelled around Norway on the festival circuit. She signed to a label at age 14, and began recording music in 2012, releasing her first EP ‘In The Light Of Love’ a year later.  In 2019, she collaborated with past MGP and Eurovision contestant Mørland on the song ‘How To Lose Something Good’. 

Green Lights’ showcases Miia’s vocals over a track that builds from the very first second into a big final chorus. You can hear her song below! 

KEiiNO – ‘Damdiggida’

Spellemann Award nominees KEiiNO are no stranger not just to fans of both MGP and Eurovision. Formed in 2019 by Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo, the trio first came together for the song ‘Spirit In The Sky’, winning Melodi Grand Prix, coming 6th in Eurovision 2019 and winning the televote. Since then, they’ve released a string of songs and an album, and have appeared across Europe and Australia on tour and at differing Eurovision events. They have since taken part in MGP again, coming 2nd in 2021 with ‘Monument’.

Tom Hugo is a singer/songwriter from Kristiansand, and started his career in 2007 after moving to Germany. He released his first album ‘Sundry Tales‘ in 2012, and went on to have success in Norway with the single ‘Million Doors‘. He first participated in MGP 2013 with ‘Det er du‘, returning again in 2018 with ‘I Like I Like I Like’. Outside of KEiiNO and his solo career, he provides vocals for the group Radiojam, and writes for artists in Asia and Europe, most notably having credits on songs for SHINee and TVXQ.

Alexandra Rotan is from Råholt in Eidsvoll, and started her career as a child singer in 2010, where she became a superfinalist in MGP Junior with the song ‘Det vi vil‘. In 2016 she was a semi-finalist on Idol, before returning to MGP once again in 2018 alongside former-Eurovision contestant Stella Mwangi on the song ‘You Got Me‘, coming 3rd.

Fred Buljo is a Sámi rapper and joiker from Kautokeino, who also began his career in 2007 as part of Sámi rap duo Duolva Duottar. They reached the final of Norske Talenter, and released their first album Da lea Duolva Duottar in 2011. Outside of music, he was a member of the political party Árja from 2013-2017.

Will MGP 2024 mark another win for KEiiNO? Their song ‘Damdiggida’ is an upbeat, electro pop track with a catchy chorus and stand out vocals, which has seen it reach the top 3 of the odds as a favourite to win. You can hear their song below! 

Melodi Grand Prix 2024 Heat 3 takes place on January 27th 2024 at 19:50 CET // 18:50 GMT Live on NRK – click here to watch live.

Who’s your MGP Heat 3 favourite? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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