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Credit: NRK // Julia Marie Naglestad

The final of MGP 2024 takes place on February 3rd 2024, meaning there’s not long to wait until we find out what song and artist Norway will be sending to Eurovision this May!

9 songs will compete, but only one can win, and there’s a few favourites to keep an eye on. Here are the ones to watch in MGP 2024!

Gåte – ‘Ulveham’

Folk-rock band Gåte have been a favourite since the start of MGP, but their performance in Heat 2 really solidified their status as a favourite to win. Their polished performance and captivating staging really sold ‘Ulveham’ to viewers, seeing them rocket up to the top of the odds after the show. Should ‘Ulveham’ win, it’ll be the first song in Norwegian in Eurovision since ‘Alvedansen’ in 2006, and first non-pop song sent by Norway since ‘In My Dreams’ in 2005. Could this be Norway’s next entry in Eurovision?

KEiiNO – ‘Damdiggida’

Former Eurovision and MGP artists KEiiNO are no strangers when it comes to being favourites, and this year is no different. Whilst ‘Damdiggida’ has split some opinion, it’s clear to see the group are stronger than ever, and know exactly how to sell a song. Bursting with stage presence and great vocals whilst also adding a touch of fun, it isn’t hard to imagine this winning on February 3rd. Will KEiiNO claim their 2nd MGP win?

GOTHMINISTER – ‘We Come Alive’

Gothminister was an outlier when it came to favourites ahead of MGP, but became a certified contender after qualifying in Heat 1. ‘We Come Alive’ was praised for it’s cohesive staging and creative performance back in it’s heat, seeing it sail through to the final and enter the radar of fans looking for a potential MGP winner. This, like Gåte, would also take Norway away from its pop-based entries for the first time in nearly 20 years. Will Gothminister be in Malmö?

Erika Norwich & Super Rob – ‘My AI’

My AI’ has always been a big fan favourite, and even though it’s fallen a little in the odds, there is still potential it could win MGP. Despite some criticism for the vocals and the staging, it’s best to remember that going from the studio the heats are filmed in to an arena in Trondheim (which happens to be Erika’s hometown!) is a big step up, and lends itself to bigger ideas for staging, and allows time for vocals to become more polished. Norway have become known for striking entries like ‘My AI’ in recent years, specifically ‘Give That Wolf A Bannana’ by Subwoolfer, of which member Gaute Ormåsen is rumoured to be ‘Super Rob’. Will ‘My AI’ be Norway’s entry for Eurovision?

The final of Melodi Grand Prix 2024 takes place on February 3rd 2024 at 19:50 CET // 18:50 GMT Live on NRK – click here to watch live.

Who’s your favourite to win MGP this year ? Let us know in the comments below!

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