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Credit: NRK // Julia Marie Naglestad

The final heat of Melodi Grand Prix 2024 has concluded, with the following songs making it through to the Grand Final.

They are:

KEiiNO – ‘Damdiggida’

Miia – ‘Green Lights’

Annprincess – ‘Save Me’

That completes the heats for MGP 2024! The lineup for next-weeks Final is as follows….

MGP FINAL – February 3rd 2024
GÃ¥te – ‘Ulveham’
Dag Erik Oksvold, Anne Fagermo – ‘Judge Tenderly Of Me’
Erika Norwich, Super Rob – ‘My AI’
Gotminister – ‘We Come Alive’
Ingrid Jasmin – ‘Eya’
Margaret Berger – ‘Oblivion’
KEiiNO – ‘Damdiggida’
Miia – ‘Green Lights’
Annprincess – ‘Save Me’

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