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Latvia’s national final Supernova is back once again for the 2024 national final season. Out of 108 submissions, 15 entries have been selected to participate in the semi-final on February 3rd, where 10 finalists will be chosen to compete for the coveted Eurovision ticket on February 10th!

The 15 entries taking part in this year’s Supernova are:

  • Agnese Rakovska – “AI”
  • Alekss Silvers – “For the Show”
  • Avéi – “Mine”
  • B/H – “Amsterdam”
  • Dons – “Hollow”
  • Ecto – “Outsider”
  • Edvards Strazdiņš – “Rock n’ Roll Supernova”
  • Funkinbiz – “Na Chystu Vodu”
  • Jar of kings – “Wildfire”
  • Katrīna Gupalo – “The Cat’s Song”
  • Papīra Lidmašīnas – “Mind Breaker”
  • Patrīcija Spale – “Heaven’s Raining Down on Me”
  • St Levića – “Tick Tock”
  • Sasha Sil – “Love is a Language”
  • Vēstulēs – “Kur?”

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