🇵🇹 Ones to Watch: Festival da Canção Final 2023

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Image: RTP

On Saturday 11th March, Portugal will select their Eurovision entry for 2023! After Semi-Final 1 and 2, this weekend sees 13 acts take to the stage for the Festival da Canção (FdC) final. Let’s look at the running order below:

1. Cláudia Pascoal – ‘Nasci Maria’
2. Churky – ‘Encruzilhada’
3. Esse Povo – ‘Sapatos de cimento’
4. Bárbara Tinoco – ‘Goodnight’
5. You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – ‘Contraste mudo’
6. Voodoo Marmalade – ‘Tormento’
7. Inês Apenas – ‘Fim do mundo’
8. Mimicat – ‘Ai coração’
9. DAPUNKSPORTIF – ‘World Needs Therapy’
10. Neon Soho – ‘Endless World’
11. Ivandro – ‘Povo’
12. Edmundo Inácio – ‘A festa’
13. SAL – ‘Viver’

So who are some of the favourites heading into the FdC final? We give you a run down on some of the acts that have really got the fans talking.

Edmundo Inácio – ‘A Festa’

Edmundo gained popularity after a very successful run on The Voice Portugal, and he certainly lived up to that hype in Semi-Final 2. His captivating fado-inspired track was brought to life with an LED backing that featured multiple demon-like silhouettes, with Edmundo taking centre stage. He is joined at the end by a traditional band dressed all in white which really ties everything together. With both wide televote and jury appeal, could he strike the right balance and take it all on Saturday night?

‘A Festa’s Semi-Final Performance

Ivandro – ‘Povo’

One of the most anticipated acts heading into the live shows, the stripped back guitar ballad ‘Povo’ was accompanied by multiple bright white blocks with Povo dressed all in green, which worked as a great contrast. Perhaps it can be argued that Ivandro is losing momentum at the wrong time – but this is still going down as an FdC classic. Whatever happens, Ivandro should score highly and this will only boost his profile in Portugal.

‘Povo’s FdC Semi-Final Performance

Mimicat – ‘Ai coração’

A big favourite for the win, Mimicat has caught a lot of attention amongst Portuguese and international fans alike. Her musical theatre style performance with a Portuguese flair is centred around a classic-style sofa, and a well choreographed routine. Mimicat was a little bit sick during her Semi-Final performance but you honestly wouldn’t have known, so we’re really excited for her to give everything she’s got this Saturday night and for her to feel fully confident while doing so. Could this be the one that gets the ticket to Liverpool?

‘Ai coração’s FdC Semi-Final Performance

Cláudia Pascoal – ‘Nasci Maria’

Eurovision alumni Cláudia Pascoal will be opening the FdC final with certainly the most contemporary staging of the competition. Cláudia is accompanied by 4 dancers on stage with a pop-style choreographed routine. Just like her entry, she brings many traditional elements too – it’s a great fusion! Eurovision fans still love her but will the Portuguese public and jury take her to Liverpool?

‘Nasci Maria’ FdC Semi-Final performance

So that’s who we think are the ones to watch in this year’s Festival da Canção final. Who are you cheering for to represent Portugal at Eurovision 2023? You can watch the show on March 11th at 22:00pm CET on RTP Player. Let us know your thoughts on this year’s Festival da Canção in the comments and on our Twitter and Instagram!


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