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You are currently viewing 🇫🇮 UMK 2023: Grand Final Preview

Image: Nelli Kenttä/Yle

Finland have again gone down the national final route to choose their Eurovision representative, bringing back the ever-popular Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) competition. Keep reading to find out about the 7 acts vying for the UMK trophy and the chance to represent Finland in Liverpool this year!

Keira – ‘No Business On The Dancefloor’

The youngest contestant in this year’s lineup, 18-year-old Keira’s song was the first of the UMK entries to be revealed. ‘No Business on the Dancefloor’ opened this year’s UMK season with a bang, immediately bringing the party vibes to the competition. Keira herself is no stranger to competition, having made it to the finals of The Voice of Finland in 2021. ‘No Business On The Dancefloor’ could easily be called an earworm, with both lyrics and instrumental weaving seamlessly together to create a catchy pop hit – could this catchiness work in the song’s favour in the competition on Saturday?

Benjamin – ‘Hoida Mut’

There’s no escaping the fact that ‘Hoida Mut‘ has been a fan favourite since its release, with the 80s vibes of the track making it stand out among this year’s lineup. The track talks unapologetically about the pursuit of a lover, all set to a danceable beat that is not a note out of place within Benjamin’s recent discography. With the lyrics primarily in Finnish, with the occasional English line, could this be the entry to finally break Finland’s 8 year streak of not sending a song in Finnish?

Robin Packalen – ‘Girls Like You’

Possibly one of the more well-known artists in Finland, Robin Packalen will be competing in this year’s UMK with the song ‘Girls Like You’. Robin has no shortage of fans within his native Finland, and will be hoping that the catchy ‘Girls Like You’ will earn him the coveted Eurovision place, and help launch him to more international acclaim as the contest has helped artists such as Måneskin and Rosa Linn to do. Described by his fellow competitors as a very international-sounding track, could the wide-ranging appeal of the ‘Girls Like You’ help the former Finnish child star take the UMK trophy?

Lxandra – ‘Something to Lose’

With the only ballad in this year’s UMK lineup, Lxandra is also competing for the UMK title this year with the song ‘Something to Lose‘. Her unique and powerful voice adds layers of emotion to the song, and from the lyric video it’s clear that they’re not short of star performer quality. This star quality is only proved by the plaudits Lxandra has already earned, with the artist being the recipient of the 2019 Music Moves Europe Talent Award. Could the powerful and moving ballad be aided in the competition by Lxandra’s stunning vocal ability?

Käärijä – ‘Cha Cha Cha’

Another entry that has been a clear fan favourite since release is Käärijä’s ‘Cha Cha Cha’. The track is nothing short of an anthem, all about letting go and being yourself. The variation of genres mid-song make the entry stand out amongst the line up, with the song going from a more aggressive sound to a catchy, slightly more party-like sound nearer the conclusion of the track, almost solidifying the song as an earworm. Could this work in Käärijä’s favour and help him to the UMK crown on Saturday?

KUUMAA – ‘Ylivoimainen’

Recent winners of the Emma Gaala Band of the Year, KUUMAA are another act vying for the coveted UMK trophy. The three-piece band, made up of Johannes, Aarni and Jonttu, are looking to translate recent chart and awards success into a UMK win with the uptempo ‘Ylivoimainen‘. The track has already proved popular with the Finnish audience, consistently placing highly in weekly Spotify streaming charts, and most recently even topping the charts. Could this popularity translate to votes on Saturday and put KUUMAA in with a chance of taking the win?

Portion Boys – ‘Samaa taivasta katsotaan’

Another huge act in Finland, Portion Boys are also in the line up to compete for the coveted Eurovision spot with their song ‘Samaa taivasta katsotan’, which roughly translates as ‘We all look at the same sky’. The track, with lyrics talking about how despite the fact we all come from different places with varying attitudes and things we enjoy, we’re ultimately all the same, carries a feel-good message that is hard to ignore. Reminiscent of many a past Eurovision entry, could the nostalgic nature that the track brings help Portion Boys to the win?

The running order for the show on the 25th, hosted by former Sunrise Avenue member Samu Haber, has also been confirmed by YLE. The running order is:

1. Robin Packalen
3. Käärijä
4. Keira
5. Benjamin
6. Lxandra
7. Portion Boys

It has also been confirmed by YLE that commentary for the final will be available in eight different languages, with the addition of Ukrainian and sign language to the roster of languages that the show is typically broadcast in. YLE also confirmed that guest performing on the night will be past winners The Rasmus, as well as 2022 fan favourite BESS.

Results will be determined by a mixture of jury and public votes, with public voting making up 75% of the overall vote, and jury voting making up the remaining 25%.

What are your thoughts on this year’s UMK? Who do you think could take the win on Saturday? Let us know in the comments below and on our Twitter and Instagram!

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