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The hosts for night four of Sanremo 2023 will be Amadeus, Gianni Morandi (absent), and Chiara Francini - Ansa

Last night saw every Sanremo 2023 act take to the stage for the second time to perform their entries again. With first-performance nerves out of the way, we saw the acts overall improve on their performances, and really have a chance to come into their own.

Throughout the show the televote was open for the viewers at home to vote for their favourites, and at the end of the show the combined result made up of last night’s 50% televote and 50% demoscopic jury vote, and night one and two’s press votes, saw a full 1st-28th ranking as it stands right now.

The Sanremo 2023 current standings after night three – Rai

Once again, as it stands Italy’s Eurovision 2013 representative Marco Mengoni is set to return to the contest with ‘Due Vite‘, as he continues to lead.

However, on last night’s aftershow Amadeus stressed that the top 5 are currently very close, and this morning he revealed that in last night’s vote, whilst Marco won the demoscopic jury over, it was actually Sanremo 2019 runner-up Ultimo who won the televote with his song ‘Alba’. And overall, without adding the votes from the two previous nights, last night Ultimo won overall.

With the contest still all to play for, you can catch up on any performances missed so far on the Rai Youtube channel, or listen to the songs on streaming sites.

As for tonight, it’s the covers evening! Each artist will perform a song of their choice with a non-competing artist, either of Italian or international origin, from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or 00s. Let’s get into what we can expect.

Running order

Current leader of the scoreboard Marco Mengoni performing ‘Due Vite’ on night three – LaPresse

A chance to be creative and show off artistry, covers night is always a fun watch. The show tonight will be opened by Ariete and Sangiovanni singing ‘Centro di gravità permanente‘, and will be closed by Colla Zio and Ditonellapiaga singing ‘Salirò‘. Current winner Marco Mengoni will perform 15th with The Kingdom Choir singing ‘Let It Be‘.

Ariete with Sangiovanni – ‘Centro di gravità permanente’

Will with Michele Zarrillo – ‘Cinque giorni’

Elodie with BigMama – ‘American Woman’

Olly with Lorella Cuccarini – ‘La notte vola’

Ultimo with Eros Ramazzotti – Ramazzotti Medley

Lazza with Emma and Laura Marzadori – ‘La fine’

Tananai with Don Joe and Biagio Antonacci – ‘Vorrei cantare come Biagio’

Shari with Salmo – Zucchero Medley

Gianluca Grignani with Arisa – ‘Destinazione paradiso’

Leo Gassmann with Edoardo Bennato and Quartetto Flegreo – Bennato Medley

Articolo31 with Fedez – Articolo31 Medley

Giorgia with Elisa – ‘Luce (Tramonti A Nord Est)’ and ‘Di sole e d’azzurro’

Colapesce e Dimartino with Carla Bruni – ‘Azzurro’

I Cugini di Campagna with Paolo Vallesi – ‘La forza della vita’ and ‘Anima mia’

Marco Mengoni with Kingdom Choir – ‘Let It Be’

gIANMARIA with Manuel Agnelli – ‘Quello che non c’è’

Mr. Rain with Fasma – ‘Qualcosa di Grande’

Madame with Izi – ‘Via del campo’

Coma_Cose with Baustelle – ‘Sarà perché ti amo’

Rosa Chemical with Rose Villain – ‘America’

Modà with Le Vibrazioni – ‘Vieni da me’

Levante with Renzo Rubino – ‘Vivere’

Anna Oxa with Iljard Shaba – ‘Un’emozione da poco’

Sethu with Bnkr44 – ‘Charlie fa surf’

LDA with Alex Britti – ‘Oggi sono io’

Mara Sattei with Noemi – ‘L’amour Toujours (I’ll Fly With You)’

Paola & Chiara with Merk & Kremont – Paolo and Chiara Medley

Colla Zio with Ditonellapiaga – ‘Salirò’

Special guests

Peppino Di Capri – Corriere Della Sera

Tonight, Amadeus and Gianni Morandi will host alongside actress and author Chiara Francini. Peppino Di Capri, who was originally scheduled to perform yesterday, will perform today instead, and Gianni Morandi will pay tribute to Lucio Dalla. On the Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo we will see La Rappresentante di Lista, and Takagi & Ketra will perform on the Costa Smeralda cruise ship. The cast of the series ‘Mare fuori’, Carolina Crescentini, Valentina Romani, Carmine Recano, Matteo Paolillo, Massimiliano Caiazzo, and Nicolas Maupas, will make an appearance to promote the new season of the show, and the hosts of the aftershow ‘Viva Rai2!Fiorello, Fabrizio Biggio, and Alessia Marcuzzi will appear at some point too.


The demoscopic jury, the press jury, and the televote, will all vote tonight (for the first time in the same night this year) for their favourite performance, and the overall scores will be added to those of the other evenings. At the end we will see another 1st-28th ranking of every score so far, which will be the last ranking going into the final.

As a reminder, last year Gianni Morandi and Jovanotti won covers night with their medley performance. Mahmood and Blanco came second with ‘Il cielo in una stanza’, and Elisa came third with ‘What a Feeling’. Whilst the top 3 was accurate to the overall results, the order was different overall.

That draws our night three preview to a close. Tonight’s show will again be shown on Rai 1 and Rai Play from 20:40 CET to 1:30 CET. Last night’s show overran slightly, so there’s a chance it could happen again. However Amadeus prefers to keep the show running on time, so it shouldn’t overrun greatly if at all.

Which act are you most excited to see tonight? Do you think the rankings could drastically change still? Let us know!

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