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The hosts of Sanremo 2023 night three will be Amadeus, Gianni Morandi (absent), and Paola Egonu -

We’ve now heard all 28 competing songs in Sanremo 2023! Which means of course, that we have officially heard Italy’s next Eurovision entry.

After another night of a good mix of songs, emotional ballads, disco bops, and everything in-between, the press jury submitted another set of votes, and we were presented with two lots of results. The songs from last night only, ranked from 1st to 14th, and the current standing of every song in the competition, with the votes from both nights added together.

Sanremo 2023 night two results – Rai
Sanremo 2023 ranking of every song by the press jury on night two – Rai

As it stands, Sanremo 2013 winner and Italy’s Eurovision representative in Malmö, Marco Mengoni, is currently set to return to the contest in Liverpool with his song ‘Due Vite‘. However, it was said by Amadeus that the scores are currently close, and the demoscopic jury and televote have yet to have their say, so this could still change.

If you missed any performances from last night, all songs are now available for streaming (subject to temporary geoblocking), and all performances can be watched on the Rai Youtube channel.

On to tonight though, all acts will perform their songs on the same night for the first time. And with potential first-performance nerves out of the way, and new audiences getting to vote, this could be an interesting watch. Here’s what you can expect.

Running order

The current favourite to win, Marco Mengoni, performing ‘Due Vite’ on night one – Ansa

We’ll see the second performances of every act tonight, with all 28 performers taking to the stage. The show will begin with Paola & Chiara‘s energetic ‘Furore‘, and will close with Will‘s sweet ‘Stupido‘. The bookmarker’s favourite Marco Mengoni and ‘Due Vite‘ will perform 15th.

Paola & Chiara – ‘Furore’ (Fury)

Mara Sattei – ‘Duemilaminuti’ (Two thousand minutes)

Rosa Chemical – ‘Made in Italy’

Gianluca Grignani – ‘Quando ti manca il fiato’ (When you lose your breath)

Levante – ‘Vivo’ (I live)

Tananai – ‘Tango’

Lazza – ‘Cenere’ (Ash)

LDA – ‘Se poi domani’ (If then tomorrow)

Madame – ‘Il bene nel male’ (The good in the bad)

Ultimo – ‘Alba’ (Sunrise)

Elodie – ‘Due’ (Two)

Mr. Rain – ‘Supereroi’ (Superheroes)

Giorgia – ‘Parole dette male’ (Badly spoken words)

Colla Zio – ‘Non mi va’ (I don’t feel like it)

Marco Mengoni – ‘Due vite’ (Two lives)

Colapesce e Dimartino – ‘Splash’

Coma_Cose – ‘L’addio’ (The farewell)

Leo Gassmann – ‘Terzo cuore’ (Third heart)

Cugini di Campagna – ‘Lettera 22’ (Letter 22)

OLLY – ‘Polvere’ (Dust)

Anna Oxa – ‘Sali (Canto dell’anima)’ (Rise (Song of the soul))

Articolo 31 – ‘Un bel viaggio’ (A nice journey)

Ariete – ‘Mare di guai’ (Sea of troubles)

Sethu – ‘Cause perse’ (Lost causes)

Shari – ‘Egoista’ (Selfish)

gIANMARIA – ‘Mostro’ (Monster)

Modà – ‘Lasciami’ (Leave me)

Will – ‘Stupido’ (Stupid)

Special guests

Måneskin and Tom Morello – Fabi Germinario

Tonight’s show will be co-hosted by volleyball player Paola Egonu, alongside regular hosts Amadeus and Gianni Morandi. There will be performances by Måneskin and Tom Morello, singing ‘Gossip’ and a medley of Måneskin’s most famous songs, with the Sanremo 2021 and Eurovision 2021 winning band being given an award from the city of Sanremo. Gianni Morandi and Sangiovanni will perform ‘Fatti rimandare dalla mamma’, Annalisa will sing ‘Bellissima’ from the Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo, and Guè will perform from the Costa Smeralda cruise ship. Furthermore, musician and actor Peppino di Capri will receive a lifetime achievement award. Massimo Ranieri will introduce his new television show ‘Gli italiani hanno sempre ragione’ with Rocío Muñoz Morales, and Alessandro Siani will promote the movie ‘Tramite amicizia’. Finally, as Fiorello, Fabrizio Biggio, and Alessia Marcuzzi will be hosting the aftershow ‘Viva Rai2!’ (which will start directly afterwards), at least the former is likely to pop up at some point in the show.


As mentioned, until now the only voting has been done by the press jury. This changes tonight. Now, 50% of the result will be decided by the demoscopic jury, and the other 50% of the votes will come from the viewers at home. At the end of the show we will see another full 1st-28th ranking, but this time with the votes from all three nights so far combined, which will be interesting to see.

And that’s the end of our night three preview! You can watch tonight’s show on Rai 1 or Rai Play with geoblock lifted. The show is scheduled to run from 20:40 CET to 1:30 CET, but with every act performing this could overrun slightly. Amadeus however is confident that the pace will be quick, and expects the show to end before 2:00 CET.

Who are you most excited to see perform again? Which act do you think is most likely to win at the moment? Let us know!

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