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You are currently viewing 🇩🇰 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023: Grand Final Preview

Image Credit – OliviaBladet / Jeppe Klausen l / Alexander Leistiko / Sebastian Apel Christensen / Insta: @nicklas.sonne / Nico Oppermann / Søren Torpegaard Lund / Insta – @reiley

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP) is back on February 11th 2023!

Eight artists will compete for the opportunity to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool this May.

After two non-qualifications with Fyr Og Flamme in 2021 and Reddi in 2022, will any of this years songs be able to bring the Scandinavian nation back to the final?

Let’s meet the artists taking part in DMGP 2023!

Frederik Leopold – ‘Stuck On You’

25 year-old Frederik Leopold is from Copenhagen, and has been making music since he got his first guitar at age 11. He made his debut in 2017, releasing his first self-titled EP in 2018. He started rising to prominence in 2021, and is now signed to Warner Music Denmark A/S.

His song is called ‘Stuck On You’, which is an upbeat pop song about love. He describes it as:

The song is about having met a fantastically beautiful person who has their slightly crazy sides. […] You have no idea what you have agreed to and don’t quite know what to do with it either. However, in the end, it’s alright, because they are really cute. When you are in love, you might accept more than you normally would.

Frederik Leopold, eurovision.tv

EYJAA – ‘I Was Gonna Marry Him’

EYJAA consists of sisters Brynja and Sara Sverrisdottir. Their parents are both Icelandic, and you may recognise Brynja from Söngvakeppnin 2020, when she competed with the song ‘Augun þín’. The girls joined forces in 2021 to create the duo EYJAA, an now are heading to DMGP.

Their entry is a country-style track called ‘I Was Gonna Marry Him’, and is a big favourite amongst Eurovision fans. They described their song by saying:

Throughout our lives we have experienced both the sweet and the sour together; we have experienced losing each other and being unhappy, but we have also always had all the good things together. What one of us goes through is felt by the other, and therefore the song is absolutely perfect for us.

EYJAA, eurovision.tv

Micky Skeel – ‘Glansbillede’

Micky Skeel is a singer, songwriter and actor. He started making music in 2010, and found success in 2010 with the Danish band Puls – their biggest hit reaching the top 3 in the Danish charts. After this, he started writing songs for artists from Cliff Richard to Måns Zelmerlöw, alongside making his own music.

One of the few Danish language songs in this years DMGP, Micky’s song is a mid-tempo track called ‘Glansbillede’. He describes it as:

‘Glansbilde’ is a song about resting in the imperfect. It’s as much a song for myself as it is a song for everyone else. We all have good days and bad days, and I had a hard time accepting that when I was younger, but I’ve gradually learned that you can’t avoid the bad days, so instead you just have to learn to live with them. When you recognise it, it is also a form of liberation. Enjoy who you are and where you are. It will all work out. We care far too much about what other people think and therefore try to show a glossy picture of our lives on the outside. This song is about it being ok not to have everything under control.

Micky Skeel, eurovision.tv

maia maia – ‘Beautiful Bullshit’

maia maia is the stage name of Maja Barløse, and she only started making music under that alias in 2022. She moved to New York at age 20, and only graduated from her songwriting school last summer. Whilst living in America, she started her musical journey, creating her own record label, concerts and music videos.

In DMGP, maia maia will sing ‘Beautiful Bullshit’, which she describes as:

‘Beautiful Bullshit’ is about the kind of love that makes you deaf and blind – like you’re kind of in a trance. It’s about the kind of lies we’re told by the one we love that just keeps us on the hook, ignoring all the red flags. The song has a grand feel and there is a lot at stake from the second the strings and synthesisers land in the intro. I love the mix of drama and the twinkle in the eye, which also fits perfectly into the spirit of Melodi Grand Prix.

maia maia, eurovision.tv

Nicklas Sonne – ‘Freedom’

Nicklas Sonne is probably best known as the lead vocalist of the progressive metal band Defecto, and has a fairly big fanbase across Scandinavia specifically. He’s also a writer and producer, who worked on every song on his debut album ‘Resonance’ which came out in late 2022.

Freedom’ is a classic rock track, one that fans of the genre will appreciate in this lineup. He said he’s both nervous and excited about DMGP this year, but that ‘it’ll be fantastic to turn it up to 11 and play ‘Freedom’ for Denmark’.

Mariyah LeBerg – ‘Human’

Mariyah LeBerg is a Danish-Lebanese singer from Aarhus. She’s explored a range of styles in her music, including rap and reggae, and has performed her songs across the world, including the US & Asia.

Mariyah’s song ‘Human’ was created in 2022, and it’s all about acceptance of who you are underneath. She had this to say about her song:

I think the message that we are just human on the inside is important in a world where we tend to hide behind a lot of facades and filters. Personally, I think that humility and honesty run far deeper than all the set-up and perfection we are bombarded with and strive for on a daily basis. That’s why this song is very special to me – because it’s just honest and puts it all a bit on the edge; beneath the surface we are all just human beings with all that vulnerability and imperfection entails and just that, helps us to approach – and mirror ourselves in – each other

Mariyah LeBerg, eurovision.tv

Søren Torpegaard Lund – ‘Lige Her’

Musical Theatre star Søren Torpegaard Lund has appeared in successful stage productions such as West Side Story and Kinky Boots, and now sets his sights on his debut on the TV stage in DMGP.

His gentle ballad ‘Lige Her’ is all about being yourself and connecting with like minded people. He described his song by saying:

The song is primarily about being there for each other, no matter what. For me, it also depicts a ‘coming of age’ experience. To be exactly who you want to be. Letting go of your parents and family to create your own life can be a very lonely experience. But only until the moment you discover all the people around you who are going through the same thing. I think building an arsenal of people who actually love you for who you are is a universal thing. With ‘Lige Her’, I reach out to all the people who have always been there for me to say that I will be there for them too, no matter what. We are strong and beautiful just the way we are and we need to be there for each other.

Søren Torpegaard Lund, eurovision.tv

Reiley – ‘Breaking My Heart’

Probably the most recognisable name in this years lineup, 20 year old Reiley has seen great success online – specifically on TikTok, where he has over 10 million followers. Born and raised on the Faroe Islands, Reiley has managed to reach out of his homeland, signing to US label Atlantic Records and gaining popularity over in South Korea – even collaborating with K-Pop group AB6IX. His colourful aesthetic has gained him a legion of fans, who’ll be backing him all the way in DMGP.

Breaking My Heart’ is a radio-friendly pop song which features Reiley’s delicate vocals on an electronic beat. He had this to say about his song:

When the opportunity to participate in Melodi Grand Prix arose, it was the perfect opportunity for me to strengthen my connection to and feelings for Denmark. I’ve also been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest – especially in recent years as – so I’m really happy and excited about the potential opportunity to represent and make the country proud in such an iconic competition, and with this song that I really like.

Reiley, eurovision.tv

The winner of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will be chosen with a 100% App/SMS vote in the first round, and 50/50 App/SMS and jury vote in the super final.

Who is your favourite in DMGP? Let us know in the comments below!

Who would you like to see qualify? Let us know in the comments, and follow us on our Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & YouTube for all the latest Eurovision news!

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