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After winning Melodi Grand Prix with a landslide of 233 points, Alessandra will now head to Eurovision to represent Norway with her song ‘Queen Of Kings’.

Here’s everything you need to know about Alessandra!

Who is Alessandra?

Alessandra Mele was born on September 5th 2022, making her 20 years old. Born in Pietra Ligure, Savona, Italy and raised in Cisano sul Neva, she is half Italian on her fathers side, and half Norwegian on her mothers side. She moved to Norway in 2021 in order to develop a closer relationship with her Norwegian family members, settling with her grandparents in Porsgrunn before moving to Lillehammer to study at the Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries.

Early Career

Alessandra’s musical passion started when she was just 6 years old, when she won her first music competition. Six years later, she won VB Factor, which is a local annual talent contest located in Val Bormida, Italy.

In 2022, Alessandra entered The Voice Norway, auditioning with the song ‘I Will Pray (Pregherò)’ by Giorgia ft Alicia Keys, getting 3 of the 4 judges to turn for her. She advanced past the battle and knock out rounds, making it to the first live show before getting eliminated.

Melodi Grand Prix 2023

Alessandra was announced as one of 21 competitors for Melodi Grand Prix back in January. She opened Heat 1 on the 14th of January with her entry ‘Queen Of Kings’, which she describes as ‘being true to yourself, loving who you want to love, doing what you want to do, and feeling what you want to feel’. She qualified alongside Ulrikke (who came 2nd overall) and Umami Tsunami (who came 9th overall).

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In the final, Alessandra performed last – going in as a big favourite to win the whole show. Her song had gone viral on TikTok, and was the most streamed song from this year’s Melodi Grand Prix. It was consistently charting in not only Norway’s Spotify charts and VG Lista Topp 20, but it was gaining traction across Europe too, specifically in Scandinavia. During the voting, she received six sets of 12 points from the international jury, three sets of 10 points and one set of 2 points (from the Czech Republic). She won the jury vote with 104 points, and won the televote with 129 points. Alessandra beat Ulrikke – who was also a hot favourite to win – by 95 points, making her the clear winner of the contest.

Eurovision 2023

At Eurovision, Alessandra will perform in the first half of Semi-Final 1, alongside Croatia, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Portugal and Serbia. As of now, we don’t know how well ‘Queen Of Kings’ will do, but if her song continues to gain popularity – it’s currently number 1 on Spotify’s Viral 50 playlist at the time of writing – we can expect a potentially great result for Norway at Eurovision 2023.

We wish Norway & Alessandra the best of luck in Liverpool this May!

You can follow Alessandra on social media!

Instagram: @alessandram02

TikTok: @alessandrasmusic

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