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You are currently viewing 🇪🇪 Eesti Laul 2023 Final: Ones To Watch

The final of Eesti Laul 2023 is here!

The Semi-Final stages concluded back at the start of January, with two wildcards confirmed a few days after the second semi final to make the full lineup consist of 12 songs & artists.

Who are the artists tipped to take the top spot and follow on from Stefan’s success at Eurovision 2022? Here are the ones to watch in Eesti Laul 2023!

Bedwetters – ‘Monsters’

Bedwetters had one of the strongest performances in the first semi final of Eesti Laul, setting them up well for the final. ‘Monsters’ also featured a very distinct look and some impressive makeup artistry, which really help the group to stand out from their competition. As one of the most known names taking part in the contest this time around, their fanbase could really get behind them – and with a 100% televote superfinal, this could set Bedwetters up for success. Could we be seeing them in Liverpool?

Alika – ‘Bridges’

A favourite from the beginning, Alika has had a great run since her song was released all the way back in December. With some incredible production and a powerful vocal performance at semi final 2, Alika proved she was more than capable of holding her own on stage – her confidence shone through as she belted out ‘Bridges’ with ease. We know from previous entries that Estonia are quite fond of a female ballad that’s performed and staged well – which may work in Alika’s favour. Will she go all the way?

Ollie – ‘Venom’

Hot on Alika’s heels in the odds is fan favourite Ollie. His rock song ‘Venom’ has been on the radar of Eesti Laul fans since it was released, and a great vocal at semi final 1 proved that Ollie was definitely one to watch ahead of the final. His stage presence made up for the simple live production for an otherwise big “out there” type of song. Estonia haven’t sent an all-out rock track to the contest – usually opting for more pop styles in recent years – so ‘Venom’ could be a great choice if they’d like to showcase a different genre of music and encourage more Estonian rock artists to put themselves forward. Will Ollie be taking his song to the contest in May?

Sissi – ‘Lighthouse’

If Sissi is in Eesti Laul, she can’t be one to be ruled out. A huge favourite with the jury in both years that she’s participated, even coming 2nd overall in 2021 with ‘Time’, there’s no doubt that it could potentially be 3rd time lucky for her in this years contest. In semi final 2, ‘Lighthouse’ had a captivating performance, and we got to witness once again what a great live performer Sissi is. Fun Fact: She’d be the first child of a Eurovision winner to go to Eurovision. Her dad is Dave Benton, who won Eurovision 2001. Will she follow in her dad’s footsteps and represent Estonia 22 years on?

ETV have revealed the running order, which is as follows:

1. Meelik – ‘Tuju’
2. Inger – ‘Awaiting You’
3. Janek – ‘House Of Glass’
4. Elysa – ‘Bad Philosophy’
5. M Els – ‘So Good (At What You Do)’
6. Bedwetters – ‘Monsters’
7. Andreas – ‘Why Do You Love Me’
8. Alika – ‘Bridges’
9. Anett x Fredi – ‘You Need To Move On’
10. Ollie – ‘Venom’
11. Mia – ‘Üks samm korraga’
12. Sissi – ‘Lighthouse’

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below!

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