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You are currently viewing 🇪🇸 Benidorm Fest 2023: Ones To Watch

Image Credit: RTVE

We’ve reached the final of Benidorm Fest 2023, where 8 artists will compete for the chance to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool this May.

Which artists look likely to be the ones heading towards that trophy and ticket to the UK? Here are the ones to watch in Benidorm Fest 2023!

Fusa Nocta – ‘Mi familia’

One of the most successful songs streaming wise in this years contest, ‘Mi familia’ by Fusa Nocta can’t be counted out of the race for the Benidorm Fest trophy. Her song has been doing extremely well with the Spanish audience, who you can hear singing along to her song during the second half of her performance at Semi Final 1. She also included a dance break, which impressed the crowd and viewers at home. Although there were shaky vocals, we can probably put this down to nerves as this is one of the biggest performances she’s done in her career to date. With a little bit of polishing ahead of Saturday’s final, Fusa could potentially earn the title of Benidorm Fest 2023 winner. Will ‘Mi familia’ be Spain’s entry this year?

Agoney – ‘Quiero arder’

Always a favourite to win the contest, Agoney proved exactly why that was the case during Semi Final 1 with a super slick performance of his track ‘Quiero arder’. Showing he was more than just an impressive vocalist, we also got to see some choreography alongside some incredible production that was revealed throughout the song’s changes in tempo. Winning both the jury & televote in his semi final and coming 2nd in the demoscopic jury bodes well for Agoney as we head into the final. Could we be seeing him represent Spain at this year’s Eurovision?

Blanca Paloma – ‘Eaea’

The clear standout of Semi Final 2 was Blanca Paloma. With a pitch perfect vocal, impressive conceptual staging and huge support from the crowd there was no doubt that Blanca would be sailing through to the final. ‘Eaea’ has been a fan favourite since the songs were released in December, and we knew from her previous entry that we were to expect a fantastic performance. She won the jury and televote, and was 2nd in the demoscopic vote, putting her in a great position for the final. As the only returnee from Benidorm Fest 2022, could Blanca win the trophy this time around and take her song all the way to Liverpool?

Vicco – ‘Nochentera’

The Spanish fan favourite this year is ‘Nochentera’ by Vicco. Her upbeat pop track has become a big success in Spain, with the crowd audibly singing along to the lyrics during her semi final. Vicco’s energy, paired with some solid vocals, helped her sail through in second place during the semi final, even winning the demoscopic jury. Will Vicco be the one we see representing Spain at Eurovision this year?

RTVE have revealed the running order for the final, which you can see below. You can watch tonugf

Image Credit: RTVE

Who is your favourite to win Benidorm Fest this year? Let us know in the comments!

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