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On January 29th, the Portuguese Eurovision broadcaster RTP announced the entries for this year’s Festival da Canção, where the winner of the competition will represent Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

As every year, RTP announced the selected composers of the entries in November 2022 but the full confirmed songs and performers have been confirmed. These are:

1st Semi-Final – February 25th 2023

April Ivy – ‘Modo Voo’
Churky – ‘Encruzilhad’
Cláudia Pascoal – ‘Nasci Maria’
Bolha – ‘Sonhos de Liberdade’
Mimicat – ‘Ai Coração’
MOYAH – ‘Too Much Sauce’
NEOH SOHO – ‘Endless World’
Esse Povo – ‘Sapatos de Cimento’
SAL – ‘Viver’
You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – ‘Contraste Mudo’

2nd Semi-Final – March 4th 2023

Bandua – ‘Bandieras’
Bárbara Tinoco – ‘Goodnight’
Dapunksportif – ‘World Needs Therapy’
Edmundo Inácio – ‘A Festa’
Inês Apenas – ‘Fim do Mundo’
Ivandro – ‘Povo’
Lara Li – ‘Funâmbula’
Teresinha Landeiro – ‘Enquanto é Tempo’
The Happy Mess – ‘O Impossível’
Voodoo Marmalade – ‘Tormento’

Festival da Canção 2023 consists of two Semi-Finals with 5 acts from each advancing to the final on March 11th 2023.

You can listen the entries in full on the official Festival da Canção YouTube channel.

The Festival da Canção official 2023 playlist

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