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Despite their small size, Malta has always been one of the most enthusiastic Eurovision countries. Eurovision is one of the biggest TV shows in Malta and everyone watches it. All of their singers are especially passionate about Eurovision and it’s a dream for so many to sing at Eurovision. This year 40 acts will hope to have their dream come true in February when one lucky act will win the ticket to Liverpool. 

For the first time, MESC will be introducing Quarter Finals into the competition in an attempt to give more artists across the country a chance to showcase their talent. These Quarter Finals however will be recorded for television and according to the Maltese broadcaster, “the interpretation should be without any choreography and props”. The 24 songs that will qualify for the Semi-Finals will be revealed during the final quarter-final. 

It is worth noting that like in 2016 and 2022, there is a chance that the winning artist can change their song after winning MESC and send a different song to Eurovision. However, as this hasn’t happened very often, I will also be covering the MESC songs that each artist will perform in the competition. 

In this article, we’ll have a look at each of the 40 artists that will be taking part in MESC this year in alphabetical order, including some familiar faces:

Meet the Artists: 

AIDAN: The Maltese cowboy is back for another year in MESC. He first took part in the final of Junior MESC back in 2015 singing a Maltese cover. Singer-songwriter and composer Aidan Cassar will be taking part in his 3rd MESC. He first took part in 2018 with ‘Dai Laga’ which finished 4th. Aidan also took part in X Factor Malta in 2019 where he made it to the Judges’ Houses but didn’t make it to the live shows. Most eurofans will best remember him in 2022 as he sang the fan favourite ‘Ritmu’ (Rhythm) which finished in 2nd place, topped the Maltese Radio Airplay charts, and has since been nominated for an award for Maltese song of the year. This year, he’s back singing the Maltese, English and Spanish pop song ‘Reġina’ meaning ‘Queen’ hoping to go one better. 


Andre: Andre Portelli is a singer and performer, who’s going to sing the up-tempo song ‘Broken Hill’ at MESC 2023 hoping to make it far in the competition. 

Bradley Debono:  Bradley Debono took part in X Factor Malta where he successfully made it to Bootcamp but he didn’t make it to Judge’s Houses. He has also performed on the TV show “The Entertainers” where he sang a cover of the Italian Eurovision entry ‘Grande Amore’. He will be making his debut in MESC singing the song ‘Blackout’.

Brooke Borg: Singer and songwriter Brooke Borg is a popular singer in Malta and has entered the contest multiple times. She’s written many Junior Eurovision songs for Malta and has entered MESC in 2016 with ‘Golden’ which finished 2nd. In 2017 she sang ‘Unstoppable’ which finished in 4th place. In 2018, she sang ‘Heart of Gold’ which finished 3rd. Earning three consecutive Top 5 results is a successful achievement and cementing herself as a favourite amongst Eurovision fans. She will be hoping to finally go all the way and represent Malta in 2023 with her song ‘Checkmate’.

Cheryl Balzan: Cheryl took part in the most recent series of X factor Malta, where Ira Losco (Eurovision 2002 and 2016 for Malta) was her judge mentor. The judges and the public alike were impressed by her powerful voice shown in covers such as “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner. Cheryl impressed everyone so much, that she made it into the live final finishing in 4th place. She’ll be singing ‘La La Land’ in the competition. 

Chris Grech: Chris Grech was the lead singer of a progressive rock band called ‘Twenty-Six Other Worlds’ and he was a MESC regular in the mid-2010s. He first entered in 2013 with the song ‘Never Walk Away’ which finished 5th. In 2014, he sang ‘Oblivion’ which again qualified for the final and finished joint 13th. Then in 2015, he sang ‘Closed Doors’ which gave him his best MESC result finishing in 4th place. 

Christian Arding: He won the very first Muzika Muzika contest which is a famous Maltese singing competition where all singers who compete, sing in Maltese. He also finished in 2nd place at the contest in 2021. He also took part in MESC in 2006 with ‘Stronger’ finishing 5th. After a 17-year break, he’ll be making his return to MESC singing ‘Eku Ċar’ (Clear Echo)

Clintess: Clintess is a transgender singer and model. She has her own popular YouTube series called “The Real World Of The Clintess” which follows her life and her adventures. She has released multiple albums and EPs. She’ll be entering her first MESC with the song ‘Lura Qatt’ (Never Backwards).

Dan: Daniel Muscat Caruana is a singer and full-time dad. He participated in the popular Maltese song festival ‘L-Għanja tal-Poplu’ (People’s Ode Song Contest) in 2021 performing ‘L-Għeneb il-Qares’. He will sing his own song and composition ‘It’ll be OK’ in MESC with the hope that he’ll do more than just okay in the contest. 

Dario: Dario is a singer who has taken part in MESC before. He entered in 2016 with ‘I Love You’ but unfortunately failed to qualify for the Final. Hoping the public and juries will love him this time, he’ll compete with the song ‘Pawn in a Game’.

Dario Bezzina: Dario first attempted to represent Malta in Junior Eurovision 2004 and finished in 2nd, missing out by 1 point to the Young Talent Team. He made it to the semi-finals of MESC twice. He has performed at many Maltese music festivals including ‘L-Għanja tal-Poplu’ where in 2020, he and Grecia Bezzina sang  ‘Il-Bajtar Sar’ where they won the interpretation award. For this year’s MESC, he’ll be singing ‘Bridle Road’.

Dominic and Anna: Anna Azzopardi took part in the first series of X Factor Malta and made it to the judges’ houses before being eliminated. Dominic and Anna both took part in the festival ‘‘L-Għanja tal-Poplu’ together with the song ‘Se Nirranġaw’.  Dominic Cini and Anna Azzopardi have both tried to represent Malta as solo contestants, Dominic entered in 2016 and Anna, in 2011. Dominic finished in 13th and Anna didn’t make it past the semi-finals. They’ll be back singing as a duo singing ‘Whatever Wind May Blow’.

Eliana Gomez Blanco: Eurofans may recognise Eliana as she represented Malta at Junior Eurovision 2019 when she was only 14, singing ‘We Are More’ and she finished in 19th place. Like Destiny in 2021, Eliana hopes to compete in both Junior Eurovision and Eurovision with the groovy song ‘Guess What’.

Fabrizio Faniello: Fabrizio is another Eurovision regular who has represented Malta twice back in 2001 (Another Summer Night) finishing 9th, and in 2006 (I Do) finishing 24th. Including his two successful attempts to represent Malta, Fabrizio had entered the Maltese pre-selection 10 times. For his 11th attempt, he’ll be hoping to replicate Chiara (Malta 1998, 2005 and 2009) and represent his home country for a third time with the song ‘Try To Be Better’.

Francesca Sciberras: Francesca is full of talents, she’s a singer and biological scientist! Francesca first represented Malta in Junior Eurovision 2009 along with Mikaela with the song ‘Double Trouble’ which finished in 8th place. Francesca is also a lead singer in the band D-Capitals. You may remember Francesca as she entered MESC last year with the song ‘Rise’ but didn’t make it past the Semi-Final. This time, she’s back and singing ‘Masquerade’ hoping to go to the final and beyond. 

Geo Debono: Geo is a singer, vocal coach, and he runs his own music studio where he teaches aspiring musicians of all ages, seeking success. He’s performed at many international and Maltese singing competitions and has won some awards. One of his first successful music competitions was when he took part in the popular Maltese TV show ‘Fil-Pjazza Tar-Raħal’ back in 2006 which he won. He’ll be hoping all of his experience will take him far in the competition with his song ‘The Mirror’.

Giada: Giada is not only a singer but also a banker. Eurofans will best remember her from last year when she sang ‘Revelación’ in MESC 2022, where she finished joint 13th place. Giada will sing ‘I Depend On You’ this time hoping to do even better.

Greta Tude: Greta Tude is a drag queen who has performed in Malta as well as the UK, in particular, Swansea. She’ll be entering MESC for the first time with her song ‘Sound of my Stilettos’. Will we be seeing (and hearing) these stilettos in Liverpool? Only time will tell!

Haley: Haley Azzopardi is currently a full-time student but she also has lots of experience as a singer, she took part in Junior MESC 2015 where she performed a cover of ‘And I’m telling You, I’m Not Going’. She also was a finalist in Sanremo Junior Malta in 2015, 2016 and 2017.  Haley also participated in a major Maltese music festival Muzika Muzika in 2022 where she made the top 20.  At only 18 years of age, she’s achieved a lot and she will hope to continue her achievements by going far in her first MESC. She’ll be singing ‘Tik Tok’.

Ian: Ian under his stage name J Anvil is a singer and famous TV presenter of the show “The Entertainers”. J Anvil has tried to represent Malta throughout the mid-2000s and early 2010s. His most recent appearance was in Malta Eurosong 2011 with ‘Topsy Turvy’ The song made the final and finished in joint 10th place. J Anvil will be competing under his actual name Ian for the first time and will sing ‘On My Own’.

Jake: Jake Bartolo auditioned on the first series of The X Factor Malta and successfully made it through to Bootcamp. However, he was eliminated in the next round. He also took part in “The Entertainers” in 2021. Jake will sing ‘Love You Like That’ at MESC hoping people will love him and his song. 

James Louis: James appeared on X Factor Malta in 2020 with singing partner Yazmin and they both made it to live shows and finished in 6th place. Now as a solo artist, James will sing the emotive ballad ‘Dream’ hoping to place even better than his X Factor appearance. 

Jason Scerri:  Jason is an experienced performer, he’s a singer, dancer, and actor. Jason has recently auditioned for Malta’s Got Talent performing last year’s Italian Top 10 Eurovision entry “Brividi” by Mahmood and Blanco which impressed the judges. He will be singing ‘Anything Can Happen’ and as well as MESC, he will also be a semi-finalist in Muzika Muzika in 2023.

Jessika: Jessika Muscat is another contestant who’s no stranger to MESC and Eurovision. She’s best remembered for representing San Marino in Eurovision 2018 singing ‘Who You Are’ with Jenny B, but they failed to make it past the Semi-Finals. She’s tried to represent Malta in Eurovision 11 times so far! Her most recent attempt was ‘Aphrodisiac’ in MESC 2022 which finished 17th. For her 12th attempt, she’ll be singing her happy song ‘Unapologetic’ hoping this will finally be her year to represent Malta. 

John Galea: Singer-songwriter John Galea is originally from Great Yarmouth, UK. He has worked with Grammy award-winning producer The Monarch (Kelly Clarkson and Cher Lloyd) and has toured with McFly and BoyzLife. He also currently has nearly 330,000 followers on Instagram making him one of the most followed MESC contestants on the social media platform this year. He’ll be hoping his followers and the juries will support his song ‘Trailblazer’.

Kirstie: Kirstie is a singer and full-time mum who also likes dancing. In her first MESC, she’ll be singing the girl power anthem ‘Girls Get Down’ hoping to wow the juries and the Maltese public! 

Klinsmann: Klinsmann is a singer-songwriter whose inspirations include Oasis, OneRepublic, and Coldplay. Like many singers in this year’s lineup, Klinsmann has also had his fair share of MESC attempts. He first took part in Junior MESC in 2003 and 2005 making it to the finals both times. When he was only 16, he entered MESC in 2007 with “She Gives Me Wings” which finished in 3rd place. He then entered the Maltese selection process every year until 2012, where he managed to qualify for the final each time. He founded a band called Planet Seed back in 2014 and were nominated for best newcomers at the Malta Music Awards that same year. He then entered MESC again as a solo artist back in 2017 where he finished in 10th place. He will be singing the song ‘Piranah’ (which, funnily enough, means Piranha in English) wanting to finally go all the way in February. 

Lyndsay: Lyndsay Pace is another former MESC contestant. She took part in MESC 2015 with the song “Home” but she failed to make it past the semi-final. This year, she’s singing “Haunted” hoping to do better. 

Maria Christina: Like many contestants, Maria has also performed on the show “The Entertainers” where she sang an impressive cover of ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. She also performed at the Miss Universe Malta event back in 2021. As well as singing, Maria also plays the piano. She will sing ‘Our Flame’ for the contest. 

Maria Debono: Maria first arrived on the scene when she took part in Junior MESC in 2010 where she finished in 18th place in the national final. Maria Debono has recently won an award for Best Upcoming Artist in 2020 at the Maltese Music Awards for her single ‘Black Out’ and is entering MESC with the song ‘X’allegrija’ (What Joy), hoping that this MESC will be a joyous event for her. 

Marie Claire: Marie Claire is a singer and musician who will be singing the sweet ballad ‘Thankful’ in the contest hoping she’ll impress the juries and the public at home.  

Mark Anthony Bartolo: Mark took part in the first series of X Factor Malta and made it to Judges Houses where his mentor was Ira Losco, but he didn’t make it to the live shows. He is one of the returnees from last year, he sang the acoustic song “Serenity” and finished in 11th place. He’ll be back this year with his own song and composition “Tears”. 

MATT BLXCK: It’s MATT BLXCK HAHAHA! This man needs no introduction, Matt Blxck is a singer and rapper who gave us one of the most memorable songs of MESC last year ‘Come Around’ which finished in 7th place. Now, he’s back with his new song called ‘UP.’ hoping to do even better. Matt Blxck also competed on X Factor Malta back in 2020 but was eliminated at the Judges’ houses stage.

Maxine Pace: Maxine Pace is a popular singer who had her first big break at the age of 9 when she was invited to join the Italian rock band PaPPaPop. They performed on a famous Italian show called ‘Ti Lascio Una Canzone’. After that, setting her sights closer to home, she took part in Junior MESC 2009 finishing 7th, and again in 2010 with “Lady Lady Ga Ga” where she finished in 8th place. She also took part in MESC 2017 singing “Bombshell” where she finished in 6th place.  Despite her young age, over the years, she has become a household name in Malta and will be another one to watch. Maxine also released a song with guest vocals from Eurovision and Junior Eurovision contestants Destiny, Gaia Cauchi and Michela with the song ‘Skin Deep’. She will be singing the emotional ballad “Alone” in MESC which has been written by Shaun Farrugia (he has written for Martin Garrix and co-wrote Sigala’s song Melody, which as of now, has over 80 million streams on Spotify).

Mikhail: Mikhail Attard, like a few of the acts this year, has a song title in Maltese. His song is calledLeħen Fiċ-Ċpar” (A Voice in the Fog). He was one of the members of the duo Dwett who took part in MESC 2018 with the song ‘Breaking Point’ which made the final and finished in 10th position. His favourite Eurovision song is “Molitva” by Maria Serifovic which won in 2007 for Serbia. 

Nathan: At only 17 years of age, Nathan Psalia is one of the youngest contestants taking part this year but he’s already well-known to the public. Nathan Psalia recently took part in the third series of X Factor Malta and successfully made it to Judges Houses impressing the judges with his covers of ‘Little Bit Of Love’ by Tom Grennan. He was mentored by Howard Keith Debono but unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the Live Shows. In 2022, Nathan sang as a backing singer during MESC, but this time, now singing as a solo artist, he’ll be hoping to go far in his first MESC as the main singer. He’ll be singing the ballad ‘Creeping Walls’ .

Ryan Hili: Ryan Hili is a teacher and was the winner of X Factor Malta 2022 joining the likes of Destiny and Michela. He wowed the judges and the public with his covers of: ‘Falling’ by Harry Styles and ‘You Are The Reason’ by Calum Scott to name a few. He’ll be singing the emotional song ‘In The Silence’ in MESC 2023. He was also one of the support acts at Sam Ryder’s concert in Malta back in July 2022. In a short space of time, he’s become one of the most exciting singers to emerge from Malta recently and will definitely be one to watch. 

Stefan: Stefan Galea first entered Junior MESC in 2009 with ‘Shake Up Wake Up’ He supported Maltese Eurovision star Ira Losco in 2011 at her ‘Music 4 Life Concert’ He then entered MESC in 2016 with the song “Light Up My Life” but ultimately failed to qualify for the final, in the same year, ironically that Ira Losco won. According to Eurovision_Malta, “Stefan believes that songwriting is a mean of therapy to channel inner emotions” and he’s co-written his song “Heartbreaker”.

Stefan: Stefan Xuereb is a singer who has performed at many local festivals and will be asking us ‘What Do You Want’ in his MESC song, he will be wanting and hoping that his song will take him all the way to Liverpool. 

The Busker: The Busker are a popular local pop-funk band. Their musical influences include The Beatles and Bob Dylan. They’ve released multiple EPs and are entering their first MESC and they will be singing “Dance (Our Own Party) in MESC 2023

You can listen to all of the 30 second snippets of the songs by clicking below:

You can watch the first Quarter Final live on TVM on Friday 13th January!

We wish all 40 of these acts the very best of luck and we’re excited to find out which one of them will represent Malta in Liverpool!

Who do you want to see represent them? Let us know in the comments!

Photo: AIDAN, X Factor Malta/Ryan Hili and Brooke Borg

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