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Sanremo Giovani 2022 winners gIANMARIA, Shari, Colla Zio, Sethu, Will, and Olly - SKY TG24, IPA/Fotogramma

Friday night saw the final of the annual Sanremo newcomers show, Sanremo Giovani, take place. A fantastic show hosted by Amadeus and Gianni Morandi saw all twelve finalists give their all, competing for a place in the main contest. Every contestant did their upmost best, and Amadeus even said he would personally prefer to advance all competitors to the main stage, after previously upping the amount of winners from three to six.

Overall, after a strong contest, the six winners were named as gIANMARIA, Shari, Colla Zio, Sethu, Will, and OLLY, with gIANMARIA winning the show overall. You can read more about these artists, and the six who unfortunately didn’t make it, in our previous article here.

They will join the 22 previously announced ‘big’ artists on the Ariston stage in February, and could potentially become Italy’s Eurovision representative in Liverpool.

That however wasn’t the only excitement from last night, as throughout the show, every Sanremo 2023 artist took to the stage to officially announce the title of their entry. The Sanremo Giovani winners also confirmed their song titles at the end.

With that, we now know the name of every competing song! One of the following will represent Italy in Eurovision in May:

Ultimo – ‘Alba’ (Sunrise)

Tananai – ‘Tango’

Madame – ‘Il bene nel male’ (The good in the bad)

Giorgia – ‘Parole dette male’ (Badly spoken words)

Mr. Rain – ‘Supereroi’ (Superheroes)

Elodie – ‘Due’ (Two)

Gianluca Grignani – ‘Quando ti manca il fiato’ (When you lose your breath)

Marco Mengoni – ‘Due vite’ (Two lives)

Anna Oxa – ‘Sali (Canto dell’anima)’ (Rise (Song of the soul))

Lazza – ‘Cenere’ (Ash)

Mara Sattei – ‘Duemilaminuti’ (Two thousand minutes)

Modร  – ‘Lasciami’ (Leave me)

Paola & Chiara – ‘Furore’ (Fury)

Colapesce e Dimartino – ‘Splash’

Leo Gassmann – ‘Terzo cuore’ (Third heart)

Articolo 31 – ‘Un bel viaggio’ (A nice journey)

Ariete – ‘Mare di guai’ (Sea of troubles)

Cugini di Campagna – ‘Lettera 22’ (Letter 22)

Levante – ‘Vivo’ (I live)

Coma_Cose – ‘L’addio’ (The farewell)

LDA – ‘Se poi domani’ (If then tomorrow)

Rosa Chemical – ‘Made in Italy’

Shari – ‘Egoista’ (Selfish)

gIANMARIA – ‘Mostro’ (Monster)

Colla Zio – ‘Non mi va’ (I don’t feel like it)

Sethu – ‘Cause perse’ (Lost causes)

Will – ‘Stupido’ (Stupid)

OLLY – ‘Polvere’ (Dust)

Are you happy with the Sanremo Giovani winners? Whose Sanremo 2023 song title stands out to you most? Who are you most excited for in February? Let us know!

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