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After 5 years of consistent non-qualification, Croatia will be looking for a way to get back to the Eurovision final. Therefore, they’ve opted to send one of their most successful singers right now – Mia Dimšić. Will ‘Guilty Pleasure’ be the one to achieve a qualifying spot?

Who Is Mia Dimšić?

Mia Dimšić was born on November 7th 1992 in Osijek, Croatia. She started her career in 2014, supporting the band Džentlmeni on their USA and Canada tour.

Her debut album,  Život nije siv’ was released on 20 March 2017 and went to number one on the Croatian charts. Overall, she’s had 2 number one albums and 7 number one singles, including her Eurovision 2022 entry ‘Guilty Pleasure’.

She was announced as one of the contestants in Dora 2022, and won by a landslide over 2nd place Marko Bošnjak and 3rd place returnee Mia Negovetić.

How Well Will Mia Do At ESC 2022?

Right now, it doesn’t look likely that Mia will be in the final. She’s 13th in the qualifying odds, and will ultimately suffer from being surrounded by other similar songs in her Semi-Final, especially in her half. With a large volume of slow, female-led ballads or mid-tempo songs being in the second half of Semi-Final 1, it seems like they all have the potential to cancel each other out.

Mia has told broadcast RTL that the Croatian delegation have requested that they can use some Croatian lyrics in their song, but RAI & the EBU have yet to approve this & right now there’s been no confirmation of whether or not this can happen. She has performed in Croatian/partly Croatian at pre-parties, which could add some originality to what was initially seen as just a sweet, English acoustic song in a similar vein to early Taylor Swift music (one of Mia’s musical. inspirations)

Of the 8 songs in Croatia’s half, there are 5 countries that fall into a similar category as them – these are Portugal, Denmark, Iceland, Greece and Armenia. It will be a case of which slow/mid-tempo, female song the viewers will gravitate towards, and ‘Guilty Pleasure’ may fall a little on the side of being nice enough to listen to, but not strong enough to make someone pick up the phone and vote. However, with Moldova being on just two songs before, viewers may welcome a run of calmer songs after an expected highly energetic performance from Zdob și Zdub and Advahov Brothers. Mia does have a good stage presence and excellent live vocals, so this could sell her performance to viewers and juries alike. We’ll find out what happens on May 10th.

You can listen to Croatia’s ESC 2022 entry below!

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