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If you’re looking for another Finnish Rock Song in Eurovision, then the nation has provided in 2022.

‘Jezebel’ by The Rasmus will be heading to Turin in May, after their victory at UMK 2022. Following on from a great result in 2021 with ‘Dark Side’ by Blind Channel coming 6th, could The Rasmus reach the top 5? Find out more about the group & its chances at ESC below…

Who Are The Rasmus?

The Rasmus need no introduction. They are one of the most popular and well-known rock bands from Finland, forming in 1994 with worldwide success following on soon after. They consist of lead singer Lauri Ylönen, Bass player Eero Heinonen, Guitarist Emppu Suhonen and drummer Aki Hakala.

Their international breakthrough came in 2003, with their song ‘In The Shadows’ hitting the top 3 in charts across Europe, ensuring that their success continued into the late 2000s. Now in 2022, they may no longer be as “in demand” in Europe in the current music scene, but they are still seem to be extremely popular in Finland. They have sold 5 million albums worldwide & 350,000 in Finland alone.

When they were announced for UMK, it was almost obvious that they’d be declared the winner purely due to their legacy, fanbase & overall hype. They topped many domestic polls regarding who the public wanted to win UMK, and had the most hype surrounding them and their song ‘Jezebel’. They won with 310 points in total, beating 2nd placers Cyan Kicks by 89 points.

Lauri Ylönen described ‘Jezebel’ as:

[…] a girl who takes what she wants, without asking – a free spirit. [It is] a homage, a tribute, to the strong women of today, who own their bodies, who are in charge of their sensuality, their sexuality, and who are determined to be an equal

Lauri Ylönen

How Well Will ‘Jezbel’ Do At Euorvision?

It’s no doubt The Rasmus have a strong international fanbase to this day, with both younger and older viewers likely to recognise them. Their remaining recognition – especially in Scandinavia – could help them, especially as Sweden will be voting in their semi final. They’re set to open semi-final 2 & have teased big plans for their staging, and with Israel following them – who right now aren’t expected to qualify – we may end up seeing ‘Jezebel’ in the final on May 14th.

However there has been criticism over the lyrics & the vocals. Lauri may be a seasoned performer, but he has stated he was nervous at UMK henceforth affecting his vocals. As they opened that show too, and with Eurovision being on a much grander scale, will he be able to control his nerves on the night of May 12th?

There’s also been much criticism over the lyrics, specifically the second verse being questioned by fans & whether it’s relevant or appropriate to use in a song in 2022. Whether casual viewers will pick up on it & be put off in May will have to be seen in a few weeks time.

At night you turn into a tiger

A girl who looks like she’s a boy

The world’s most ultimate survivor

Verse 2 of ‘Jezebel’

Listen to the Finnish entry for ESC 2022 below!

What do you think of ‘Jezebel’? Will we be seeing it in the final? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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