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After an almost 3 month process to choose their artist, Romania’s Seleçtia Națională eventually reached it’s conclusion on March 5th 2022.

Back in January, the 46 competing songs were released, and it’s safe to say the reaction wasn’t necessarily the best. As the songs began to be eliminated as the rounds progressed, one song managed to keep the original momentum and support that it received on the reveal day. This song was called ‘Llámame’ by WRS, which went on to win the national final and become Romania’s representative in Turin this May.

Wondering how well we think ‘Llámame’ will do? Keep reading to find out more about the song and artist behind it…

Who Is WRS?

WRS (Andrei Ursu) is a Romanian singer from Buzău. He’s 29 years old, and has only been releasing music solo since January 2020. Prior to music, he worked as a backing dancer for a range of different artists on many different TV shows. His passion for dance comes from his parents, who were both folk dancers.

In 2015, he became a member of the boyband SHOT, that had moderate success in Romania with singles such as ‘Inevitabil’. In 2017 he moved to London in order to pursue his solo career & signed with Global Records a few years later.

He releases music in Romanian, and more recently in Spanish and English. His EP ‘Mandala’ has recently been released and includes the updated Eurovision version of ‘Llámame’, which now sounds more like the version he performed at the national final. He’s also in the process of recording a music video for the song.

How Well Will WRS Do At Eurovision?

Currently, the odds aren’t in Romania’s favour. At the time of writing, they’re currently last in the odds to win, and 11th in the odds to qualify in the semi-final.

However, aside from this, it may not all be over before WRS reaches Turin. After a strong Pre-Party tour which has seen him pick up fans along the way, and charismatic performance, ‘Llámame’ may manage to make its way into the 2022 Grand Final.

‘Llámame’ is due to perform after Estonia’s Stefan with ‘Hope’ and before ‘River’ by Ochman from Poland. After Poland, there is a run of mid-tempo tracks and ballads, with WRS and Stefan also both coming after North Macedonias ballad ‘Circles’. If people are looking for an accessible, radio-friendly pop track, Romania may be in luck. Along with Estonia, it’s likely to stand out in amongst the slower songs that surround it.

I personally don’t think we can write ‘Llámame’ off before it hits the stage in Turin. We already know that WRS is a strong performer, and has proven that he is able to elevate the song on any stage. Could Romania be returning to the final for the first time since their last qualification with ‘Yodel It!’ back in 2017? We’ll have to wait and see…

You can listen to the Romanian entry ‘Llámame’ below!

What do you think of Romania’s song for Eurovision 2022? How well do you think it’ll do in the contest? Let us know in the comments below!

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