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We’re just one week away from the Final of Melodifestivalen 2022!

This week, 8 songs will get a second chance to reach the final on March 12th. These are the songs that came 2nd and 3rd in the second round of voting in their respective heats.

How Does the Semi-Final Work, and is it like Andra Chansen?

The Semi-Final is a ‘new’ section of Melodifestivalen, replacing Andra Chansen (AC). In previous years, the songs in 3rd and 4th would be split by the producers into 4 duels of 2 songs. One song would advance, and the other would be out of the contest.

With the Semi-Final, the duels are now simply known as groups. There are two groups of 4 songs. These groups were randomly drawn on March 1st 2022. This time, two songs from each group will advance to join the direct finalists in the contest.

In previous years, songs that were runners up in their heats weren’t against each other in their duels. This has changed, with the random draw, meaning songs from the same heat could face each other again.

Which Songs Are Competing In Group 1?

Tone Sekelius – ‘My Way’

Tone placed 3rd in the second round of voting in Heat 2 with 62 points. With a big Youtube following and over a million streams for ‘My Way’ on Spotify, could we be seeing Tone in the final?

You can See Tone’s performance in Heat 2 below!

Alvaro Estrella – ‘Suave’

Alvaro placed 2nd with 69 points in the second round of voting during Heat 2. He’s no stranger to the second chance round, ending up there – and qualifying – in 2020 and 2021. Will it be 3rd time lucky for him?

You can see Alvaro’s performance in Heat 2 below!

Danne Stråhed – Hallabloo

Danne qualified to the Semi-Final in Heat 1, but it’s unknown in what position he placed due to the last-minute change to voting due to app voting issues. It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll do due to this, but after beating the likes of Omar Rudberg and Malou Prytz in his heat he definitely has support.

You can see Danne’s performance of ‘Hallabaloo’ in Heat 1 below!

Anna Bergendahl – ‘Higher Power’

Anna qualified in 2nd with 73 points in Heat 4’s second voting round. She’s popular with older voters and the telephone vote, achieving three sets of 12 points in her heat. Anna is also a big favourite with fans and has never failed to make the final, so it wouldn’t be a shock if she is one of this week’s qualifiers.

You can see Anna’s performance of ‘Higher Power’ below!

Which Songs Are Competing In Group 2?

Theoz – ‘Som Du Vill’

Theoz qualified in Heat 1, but like Danne we don’t know what position he finished in. He is a big star on social media with 2 million TikTok followers, giving him a great chance of qualifying for his first Melfest final this weekend.

You can see Theoz’s performance in Heat 1 below!

Lisa Miskovsky – ‘Best To Come’

Lisa qualified to the Semi-Final in Heat 3 with 75 points, just 4 points short of directly qualifying for the final. It’s clear she has the support, so we may be seeing her next week competing for the chance to head to Italy in May.

You can see Lisa’s performance in Heat 3 below!

Lillasyster – ‘Till Our Days Are Over’

Lillasyster is back in the semi-final for the second time following on from placing 3rd in Heat 4 with 65 points. They lost out to Alvaro Estrella in Andra Chansen 2021, so will be looking to go one further this year and reach the final.

You can watch Lillasyster’s performance in Heat 4 below!

Cazzi Opeia – ‘I Can’t Get Enough’

Cazzi qualified in 3rd place in Heat 3 with 67 points. Her song is currently charting high on Sweden’s Spotify charts, so it looks likely that she could be heading to the final.

You can see Cazzi’s performance in Heat 3 below!

Which Songs Are Already In The Final?

Eight songs have already directly qualified to the final. These songs are

Cornelia Jakobs ‘Hold Me Closer’

Robin Bengtsson ‘Innocent Love’

LIAMOO ‘Bluffin’

John Lundvik – ‘Änglavakt

Anders Bagge‘Bigger Than The Universe’

Faith Kakembo ‘Freedom’

Klara Hammarström – ‘Run To The Hills’

Medina ‘In I Dimman’

You can listen to all of this year’s Melodifestivalen entries here.

You can watch the Semi-Final here: SVT

Which songs do you want to make it through the semi-final? Be sure to let us know!

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