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Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

We’re really getting into the competition now, as we move onto the third heat of Melodifestivalen 2022 and become one step closer to finding out who will represent Sweden at Eurovision 2022.

What went down in the rehearsals this week? We react to what we saw in the performances ahead of the heat on Saturday night.

Cazzi Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough

We start the show with a neon and pastel explosion, as Cazzi Opeia is joined on stage by four other dances. It’s an upbeat pop number, and as a well-established K-pop songwriter elements of K-pop song structures definitely stick out – with a big build start to a pre-chorus and drop. It’s definitely a great Spotify bop – but is it enough to make a dent in the competition?

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Lancelot – Lyckligt slut

If you have watched any other Indie/acoustic song’s stating from Mello this year – Lyckligt Slut is essentially staged the same as those. Dark, with some bright spotlights around the Lancelot and his band. The song itself has hints of British 90s soft-rock such as bands like Travis.

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Lisa Miskovsky – Best to Come

Best To Come’s staging features contemporary dancers moving around the stage with a train in the background. Lisa is joined by other band members who come and go throughout the song and continually change positions. It’s a sweet Country Pop moment (with a key change), but can be argued it lacks impact. 

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Tribe Friday – Shut Me Up

Tribe Friday are joined on stage by multiple TV’s displaying multiple videos with the song title in graffiti-style graphics, circles and swirls and the band members themselves. This is complimented by the LED in the background. Shut Me Up gives a 00s indie moment with influences from bands like The Kooks and The Pigeon Detectives. 

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Faith Kakembo – Freedom

Faith takes to the stage in a stunning sparkling dress as her vocal echos around the stage with a bright light behind her. The song builds nicely for her to be joined by backing singers. Freedom is a very empowering mid-tempo song but it’s hard to tell where this would place. We’d love to see Faith back in Melodifestivalen soon if this doesn’t get through!

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Linda Bengtzing – Fyrfaldigt hurra!

An absolute Mello legend is back for 2022! This year she brings us Schalger (of course!) with a little bit of an electro twist. The song has pounding rolling drums throughout most of it which brings up the energy of not just her song, but the whole heat. 

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Anders Bagge – Bigger Than the Universe

This is definitely one of the songs and acts that the domestic crowd will be looking forward to the most on Saturday night. The well-known Swedish Idol judge takes to the stage with a giant LED behind him showing different types of beautiful landscapes from waterfalls to misty mountains. Bigger Than The Universe allows Anders to show off his vocal which the Swedish crowd will love, but with some chanting style backing vocals on the bridge give an opportunity for the crowd to sing back to him.

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Overview and Ones to Watch

There is much chat online that this is a weak heat, and while it can be argued the quality is not as high as the last two weeks – this does open up a big question as to what the results will be on Saturday night. It’s really almost anyone’s gain, and if someone can capture a moment with the audience that could be the difference between getting through to the next round and exiting the competition. We’ll be looking out for Linda Bengtzing to inject some much-needed fun and energy into this heat as well as feeling the love that the Swedish public have for Anders Bagge.

Who are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments!

Melodifestivalen 2022 Heat Three will be streamed live at 8pm CET/7pm GMT on SVT, Saturday 19th February.

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