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Image Credit: Melodifestivalen // SVT // Annika Berglund

This weekend on Saturday 5th February, the highly prestigious Melodifestivalen returns to our screens and the first seven acts will be hoping to make their mark on the competition. We’ve been following the rehearsals of Heat One to bring you the lowdown of what to expect from the first show on Saturday. Let’s take a look at how each artists’ stage show is shaping up for the big night, with an overview of their performances so far.

Malou Prytz – Bananas

Kicking off the show with a bang is now three-time Mello artist Malou Prytz. Her song infuses the very-current pop-rock trend which she brings to life on stage with bags of confidence. There is a checkered pattern theme throughout the staging and she is accompanied by backing dancers and musicians. As the song suggests, they do go ‘Bananas’ on stage and will be a great opening to the whole festival!

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Theoz – Som du vill

A Swedish language banger! The TikTok star takes to the Melodifestivalen stage for the first time. Theoz is joined on stage by four contrasting dancers with their yellow outfits to his blue, as they dance in and out of flashing coloured panels. The dramatic lights match the pop-dance vibe with an 80s flair of the track and will be sure to get your toes tapping!

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Shirley Clamp – Let There Be Angels

Is a Melodifestivalen Heat complete without a Mello Queen? Shirley Clamp is back to the stage for the seventh time with her ballad Let There Be Angels. The staging is dramatic and dark and of course, isn’t complete without a flowing wind machine cape! Her stunning voice really is the star of the show of this performance.

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Omar Rudberg – Moving Like That

Omar is one of the biggest names coming into Saturday’s show, as a member of boyband FO&O and starring in Netflix show Young Royals. He is joined on stage by two other dancers, and all three of them give it their all with a high energy performance. There are sparkles and PVC galore in the outfits and the staging beams off purple colours with some of the lyrics displayed in the background. The song itself is a pure pop number with a catchy Latin inspired hook.

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Danne Stråhed – Hallabaloo

Danne brings us a sweet, catchy Swedish-Language song featuring nearly every instrument you can think of (even a washing board!) – but the brass instruments really stand out here. We guarantee you’ll be singing the Hallabaloo chorus for the rest of your evening! Danne is joined on stage by six other band members and there is even a little bit of choreography involved!

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer

Cornelia’s staging is incredibly intimate featuring a coloured spotlight behind her that flashes green, yellow and red. As the song develops, she starts to move more around the stage, but the camera shots are mainly up-close to the artist. Cornelia’s confidence and passion on stage makes you believe every word she is saying. The song itself almost has a British-Indie flare to it and builds with pounding drums and guitar.

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Robin Bengtsson – Innocent Love

The 2017 Melodifestivalen winner closes the show on Saturday night. We see a different side to Robin, as he’s joined on stage with a band to perform his 80s electro-pop track. The staging is filled with red and blue colours as Robin pops in a monochrome outfit. The song blares out synth sounds as Robin moves around and commands the stage. It’s very catchy and spreads a wave of positivity – you can just picture a full arena singing along!

Image Credit: SVT // Melodifestivalen // Annika Berglund

Overview and Ones to Watch

Heat One of Melodifestivalen 2022 has something for pretty much everyone. Swedish-language bops, pop-rock and trumpets! We think this will be a really great opening show for the festival featuring some brilliant artists. There isn’t many static performances on the night, with numerous songs packed with full choreography. Perhaps some of them will cancel each other out? Overall, we’ll be keeping our eye on Theoz, Omar Rudberg and Robin Bengtsson to give us the energy on Saturday night, with Cornelia Jakobs to take us down from the pop-high and make us feel all those emotions.

Melodifestivalen 2022 will be streamed live at 8pm CET/7pm GMT on SVT.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing on Saturday? Who’s staging are you liking the most? Let us know in the comments!

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