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Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024 took place on February 17th 2024, and saw Saba win the contest with ‘Sand’.

Find out more about Saba below!

Who Is Saba?

26-year-old Anna Saba Lykke Oehlenschlæger – who professionally goes just by Saba – was born in Ethiopia, but grew up in Ringkøbing, West Jutland, after being adopted alongside her twin sister Andrea at 8 months old. They both took part in the documentary ‘Min sindssyge tvilling‘, where they headed back to Ethiopia to trace their roots.

In 2023, she took over from sister Andrea in the lead role in the musical ‘Hair’ at Østre Gasværk in Copenhagen.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024

Saba was announced as one of eight participants taking part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024 with the song ‘Sand’, which instantly shot to the top of the odds as the favourite to win the contest. Whilst some worried that being out first in the running order would affect her chances, it didn’t have any effect at all – seeing her reach the superfinal alongside Janus Wiberg and Basim.

Saba went on to win DMGP with 37 points overall, coming 1st with the jury with 22 points, and third in the televote with 15 points. Her televote score has caused some of the public to criticise her win, due to their choice being ‘Johnny’ by Basim. Viewer outrage also occurred last year, when Reiley beat the public favourite Nicklas Sonne to first place. However, Denmark’s superfinal system is a 50/50 jury-televote split, meaning Saba fairly won the contest despite not being the public winner. DR has also defended her win, saying…

That’s how the rules are. It’s a fifty-fifty decision, and when the jury’s points are distributed more unevenly – in SABA’s favor – while it was closer with the viewers, that’s how it ends. The system reflects how things also take place in the Eurovision final. After all, there are both jury and viewer votes, and we have chosen that solution this year too – and I think it’s actually a very good model.

Erik Struve Hansen, DR.DK
Credit: DR

Eurovision 2024

At Eurovision 2024, Denmark will perform in the first half of Semi Final 2 on May 9th 2024.

Denmark has failed to qualify at Eurovision since 2019 and will be looking to put an end to that non-qualification streak this year. ‘Sand’ being well-liked by fans already puts them in a great position, and they also have two countries who often vote for them – Norway and Estonia – also competing in their semi-final, which could see them pick up points along the way.

Saba has said there’s now ‘a lot of work’ to do ahead of Eurovision, saying after her DMGP win…

We have a lot of work now. I haven’t thought about Eurovision at all, because I have to admit that it was far away for me. The focus was on today, and top three was my goal and my dream […] and now I’m standing here. That’s crazy man.

Saba, DR

We wish Saba and Denmark the best of luck at Eurovision 2024!

You can follow Saba on Instagram@saba0o

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