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Credit: Julia Marie Naglestad // NRK

The results are in! Melodi Grand Prix Heat 2 has concluded, with 3 songs qualifying for the Grand Final, set to take place on February 3rd 2024.

They are:

Gåte – ‘Ulveham’

Erika Norwich and Super Rob – ‘My AI’

Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – ‘Judge Tenderly Of Me’

There’s just one more heat to go before we reach the final. The artists competing in this shows are…

Heat 3: January 27th 2024
Annprincess – ‘Save Me’
KEiiNO – ‘Damdiggida’
Miia ‘ ‘Green Lights’
Mistra – ‘Waltz Of Death’
Thomas Jenssen – ‘Take Me To Heaven’
Vidar Villa – ‘Mer’

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