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She was announced all the way back in July 2022, and now Noa Kirel will be flying the flag for Israel in Liverpool this May.

Here’s everything you need to know about Noa.

Who is Noa Kirel?

Noa Kirel was born on April 10th 2001 in Ra’anana, Israel. Originally given the name ‘Noya’ at birth, a rabbi suggested her name be changed to Noa so she would be able to move after she developed a serious kidney illness at 3 months old. In Hebrew, the word ‘Noa’ (נועה) forms part of the word for ‘movement’ (תְנוּעָה),

Noa first appeared on TV as a part of the Pushers documentary, a show which followed parents who’d “push” their children into success.

Early Career

In 2015, Noa began uploading her music to YouTube, with her debut single ‘Medabrim?’ launching her career in the music industry. A year later, she won the ‘Singer Of The Year’ award at the Israeli kids choice awards. After low level success with follow ups such as ‘Killer’ and ‘Yesh Be Ahava’, she finally hit the big time in a duet with Agam Buhbut in 2017 with the single ‘Ethel HaDoda VeHaDod’ reaching #3 on the Israeli charts.

Also in 2017, Noa launched her acting career with a role in the movie Nearly Famous, and starred in the theatre production ‘The Three Musketeers’.

In 2018, Noa became a judge on Israel’s Got Talent, and continued her acting career in TV shows such as Kfula and Shilton Ha’Tzlalim. She then went into star in the theatre production for Kfula.

Since 2017, she has been the recipient of the MTV EMA award for ‘Best Israeli Act’ every single year to date.

The 2020’s

Noa started the 2020’s by signing a contract with the American label Atlantic Records and US based agency WME. She achieved two Number 1 singles in 2020 – ‘Million Dollar’ (Ft. Shahar Saul), and ‘Ambulance’ – a collaboration with her then boyfriend Mergui. In 2021, she began releasing singles internationally, including the song ‘Please Don’t Suck’, which was performed at Miss Universe 2021. She also achieved two more number 1s in 2021, ‘Trilili Tralala’ (Ft. Ilan Peled) and ‘Reashim’ (with Omer Cohen).

She owns her own haircare beauty brand, Noa Kirel Beauty, which she launched in August 2020.

She released her single ‘Gone’ in January 2023, already surpassing over 5 million views within less than a week on YouTube.

Eurovision 2023

It was one of the earliest artist announcements in modern Eurovision history when KAN revealed that Noa would represent them in the contest on July 11th 2022 – just 58 days on from the 2022 final.

Noa was selected through a professional committee, chosen by broadcaster KAN, who took into account 78 names “with rich and proven experience in standing in front of a large audience”.

Despite being announced by the broadcaster online, Noa herself hadn’t agreed to the participation. The runner-up in KAN’s committee selection, Mergui, told Fergui he does not plan on entering Eurovision “at least not in the next two years” – putting the broadcasters premature announcement into doubt. Noa told 103.FM:

It’s a great honour that they chose me. It’s really exciting, and as a kid I always watched [Eurovision]. So there’s something very grand about it, a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I’m not taking this whole thing in yet. I’m taking a few days off to understand […] what’s happening. It’s a really big deal.
My team and I will take some time to figure it all out. Together, we will make a decision, slowly.

Noa on 103.FM

After a few weeks of deliberation, Noa confirmed on her Instagram on August 10th 2022 that she would in fact be going to Eurovision, saying it was a ‘privilege’ to have the opportunity to represent Israel at the contest in Liverpool.

On January 17th 2023, Noa’s song title was revealed to be ‘UNICORN’. She’s working with Doron Madali, who was behind 2018 winner ‘Toy’ by Netta, and 2020 entry ‘Feker Libi’ by Eden Alene. The song was released on March 8th 2023.

With an already successful career at just 21 years old, racking up over 602 million video views on YouTube, could a Eurovision win be the next step for Noa? KAN will be aiming to get back into the final this year after Michael Ben David broke their 7-year qualifying streak with ‘I.M’ in Turin, and Noa may just be the act to do it. We wish her the best of luck in Liverpool!

You can follow Noa on social media:

Instagram: @noakirel

Twitter: @noakirel

TikTok: @noakirel

YouTube: @noakirelofficial

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