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After withdrawing from Eurovision 2021, anticipation was high for what Armenia would return to the contest with.

On March 11th Armenia confirmed that Rosa Linn & her song ‘Snap’ would be representing them at Eurovision 2022.

Who Is Rosa Linn?

Rosa Linn (Roza Kostandyan) was born in Vanadzor, Armenia in 1999. She’s only been making and releasing music professionally since 2021, and was originally busking on the streets prior to her selection for ESC.

Her first TV performance came only in November 2021, of a song she released alongside American singer Kiiara called ‘King’.

She submitted ‘Snap’ for Eurovision 3 years ago, and she’ll now finally get the opportunity to perform it on the ESC stage in Turin.

This isn’t the first time Rosa has tried for Eurovision, taking part in Armenia’s National Final for JESC all the way back in 2013 with ‘Gitem’.

How Well Will Rosa Do At Eurovision?

When initially released, ‘Snap’ wasn’t necessarily seen as a potential qualifier. Whilst it’s a pleasant song, many found it to be a little forgettable & when it’s in a semi-half of similar, female-led acoustic songs it’s understandable as to why.

Worry again was sparked after the reveal of the running order which saw it be drawn to close the show directly after Norway & ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ – a song sure to be a standout.

However, all this considered, if the casual viewer isn’t too into wacky lyrics and costumes, they may sway more towards Armenia than Norway & it could be a welcome addition to the show straight after something so individual. Norway was always expected the perform last, so Armenia being chosen has given fans high hopes for the staging – it’s not your typical Eurovision closing entry, so it’ll be interesting to see what Armenia has planned when rehearsals begin.

Rosa has also picked up fans since she began performing at Pre-Parties. It’s safe to say no one was really expecting her to give such a great performance, and the song seems to be elevated live even if there isn’t any staging available for it at these events besides the basics. If viewers are looking for a chill entry that’s slightly faster in pace than say Iceland or Croatia, Armenia may be looking at a spot in the final.

You can listen to the Armenian entry for ESC 2022 below!

What do you think of ‘Snap’? Do you think Armenia will qualify? Let us know in the comments!

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